Marina Slayton's "Be the Best Mom You Can Be" - One of the best parenting books

Of all the parenting books I have read, this is the second book that I have found to strike a chord with me. This is a practical book. It does not go on and on about child psychology and how we have evolved as adults. Marina gets straight to the point by getting to the root of parenting - love.
I found the 1:10 rule to be quite a good tool and I will apply it sincerely from now on.

There are numerous real life examples and it made me think how I can avoid them from happening in my child's life.Marina made a good decision by including the importance of choosing good schools.I read the book straight until the end. You will find it hard to put it down if you are thirsty for good parenting advise. I would say there are many good parenting books andthis is one of the best books you can get your hands on.

However as a busy, working mom I would have loved to see more content geared towards working moms.I would tend to agree that working moms have a higher stress level and could use some good advise.Until then I will continue to  use "patience" and "love" as the tool  :)

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