Ho ! Ho ! Ho ! with Hallmark

The cute, the beautiful, the adorable.

Elegant ones. Funny ones. Sweet and simple ones.

I have shared all about them with you through out this year. Now it's time for the festive collection - I can tell you that it's a great blend of Hallmark's gift collection in festive colors, voice ( more on that later ) and MORE!

You just gotta take a glance at this guy from Hallmark's collection for the holidays. He's got that holiday spirit  in him! He is one warm, fuzzy bundle that made my toddler burst into peels of joyous laughter as he danced.
My heart leaped and danced with this snowman in skis. He is the most adorable snowman I have ever seen! 

It did not take me long to fall-in love with this Wireless Children's Angel Choir. They sing a few lines of carols in the sweetest, angelic voices. $14.95 each with any purchase (regularly $29.95)
This bright red frame caught my attention right out of the box. It not only does look perfect for Christmas but
 the bright color makes it a   a great piece on the table or the wall. The dancing lights are pretty but when lit 
up, they tend to give a dull look to the photo. I like it just the way it is, without the lights dancing.

Dancing Lights Holiday Frame-  $24.95 .

Jingle the Husky Pup has become a Christmas favorite. Every year Jingle warms the hearts of little ones with 
his heart-warming adventures. This year, Jingle in a recordable storybook? Yippeeee! Awesome gift for

Hallmark Holiday Recordable Storybooks$19.95 each (valued at $29.95 each). Select holiday titles only. 

Holiday Instant Scrapbook Album.$14.95 

We can enjoy the spirit of Christmas with our little ones by doing some scrap booking. Christmas crafts are 
so much fun and get the kids all excited. It is also a great opportunity to talk to kids about the reason for the
 joy that comes with the season. Children will feel also involved and loved when they help decorate their 
pictures in a beautiful Christmas themed scrapbook.  Now I know what to do with all the Christmas pictures
that have been piling up.

Not to forget, Hallmark has a beautiful collection of Christmas and New Year cards.I was happy to see 
some bilingual cards for mes amis. Hallmark also carries cards from UNICEF that supports the 
underprivileged children.

I think that Hallmark has one of the best collections out there for the holidays. GREAT choices and lovely

Disclosure: I received a sample for review purpose only. No monetary compensation was received. The above post reflects my personal opinion.


Jewellery for Christmas. YES please! ( + Giveaway, ends Dec 10, 2012 ( US / Canada )

There are women who totally love wearing jewels. 

There are also women who like to be minimalistas and hence prefer to keep it simple yet nice. 
Pure Pearls will satisfy the craving of both types of women. 

Pearls are beautiful, rich, elegant, stylish and classy. Since pearls do come in quite a few colors, you can rock them with any type of clothes. I love to wear my white ear rings with formal attire and I receive compliments each time I wear them.

Can  I tell you the most convincing reason to buy pearl jewellery? They are affordable compared to gold. At PurePearls.com you can find a wide range of choices and even the most least expensive pearl looks stunning.

There are 3 reasons why I would shop at Pure Pearls:

  • Quality
  • Variety
  • Price

The simple tear-drop shape and Sterling Silver french hook mountings make it easy to pair them with almost any clothing. It can even be worn with a silver necklace, if you just want a dash of pearl in your complete outlook.

  • Each pair of AAA quality drops measure 6.5-7.0mm, and are hand-matched for size, shape and overtone.
  • Each pair of pearls is hand-made to order and set on solid Sterling Silver french hooks.
  • The pearls come with a certified appraisal prepared by a GIA Graduate. Signature Little Black Gift Box included.

This multi-color pearl bracelet can be yours for $60. I really like the 6.0-7.0 mm size pearls as they are just the right size for my body. Alternatively, you can choose the size of the pearl you want.


is $625. But at PurePearls.com, you can buy it for $181.

The products come with a cute little gift box. It also helps to store the jewels safely without getting lost.

If you are looking to buy a valuable gift for a special someone in your life, you might want to browse through PurePearls.com.

Chocolate Tahitian Pendant and Dangle Earring Set, Sizes: 10.0-12.0mm

Golden South Sea Baroque Pearl Lariat Necklace, 9.0-10.0mm / 10.0-11.0mm

There's more to look, feast and shop at PurePearls.com ! It would be one of the best gifts that a lady can get.

One lucky winner will have the chance to win a  White Freshwater Drop Dangle Pearl Earrings, 6.5-7.0mm, Sterling Silver

Once upon a construction site, there lived Buster the Power Crane.

Every single time, when we pass through a construction site, we have to stop. Life comes to a stand still. Everything around him freezes for a few minutes as he stands in wonder of the mighty men and machines at work. 

As he slowly takes it all in - the men, machine, mud and the mess, everything around slowly thaws and he would turn around and ask me the very same question he asked me the previous time - 
" Can I be a construction worker like him? I can do all the jobs and the digger will be my friend."

Not wanting to crash his ever-changing-evolving-dreams, I tell him that he'd be the right man for that job.

Sounds like a boy, eh? 

Hasbro had the perfect toy for my little man who can have a taste of his dream job while having fun and also improving his fine motor skills at the same time.

Introducing, Buster the Power Crane!                                                                                          

Buster comes with a variety of tools ready for the jobs to get done. The molds and stampers are so much fun and we had such great fun using them.

It is also equipped with a light and sound effect. Comes with batteries. After a few minutes of being inactive, Buster honks and it helps the child get back to playing. It is a short honking sound and is not annoying at all.The build is sturdy and will last a long time.

The icing on this cake is the Play Doh that comes with it. 

They come in all mud, brick and road colors.

Perfect for building a small wall or construct a road with a sidewalk or just lay a mud road and rough it out! 

 Guess who came to help out with the construction ? 
The big bro of the Tonka family ! 

With all these machines at work, life couldn't be any better for my little man.You can make a little boy REALLY happy for just $25.

Just imagine a construction project and bring it to life with Buster and Play-Doh. We have used different Play-Doh toys and very happy with each of their creations. 

Play-Doh has a variety of toys for toddlers and pre-schoolers and helps in the development of fine motor skills and imagination.

For the Holiday season, Play-Doh deserves the fabulous red bow! 

Disclosure: I received a sample for review purpose only. No monetary compensation was received. The above post reflects my personal opinion. 


Slip this under the tree : A Christmas bundle from NCircle Entertainment ( + Giveaway) Ends Dec 10, 2012 . Open to US / Canada

Great, affordable, perfectly themed for the season and set to become an all-time favorite!

Two great titles from NCircle just in time for Christmas. Extremely interesting story lines.A must have for Christmas!

The DVD gives "The Night Before Christmas" a uniquely Paleolithic spin, inviting kids to join 10-year-old protagonist “Dino Dan” as he explores intriguing facts about dinosaurs while embracing the spirit of the season.  Now, thanks to the exclusive new Apple app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices, DVD viewers can also enjoy a holiday visit from their own true-to-life T-Rex.

We loved the part where Dino Dan turns the beautiful Christmas poem into a dino-tastic story. Little dinosaur lovers are sure to enjoy this title. What sets this apart is the subtle touch of Christmas and the white, snowy backdrops. Kids will get tickled by the powerful gases that the Dinosaurs emit and the loud noises that come with it ! Educational and festive.

Sure to be a holiday favorite for the entire family for years to come, this adventure finds the Cat in the Hat, Nick and Sally on a journey around the world to help a lost reindeer find his way home to Freezeyourknees Snowland in time for Christmas.  On the way, the Thinga-ma-jigger breaks down, and they depend on a variety of animals – from African bush elephants to bottlenose dolphins to red crabs – and their remarkable abilities to help them make an amazing journey home.

Dr.Seuss' stories always stand out and this is one definitely shines bright. The story line keeps the children locked-in from the beginning to the end. The importance of  being with family for Christmas  is reinstated all through the title. We thought that was a great value and tradition for children to learn. The Cat in the Hat, Sally and Nick help a lost reindeer find his parents, only to find that he was a really special reindeer with special tasks on hand!  Totally adorable and will make a great stocking stuffer!

Gravol really helps, not just ailing tummies.

My intro to Gravol was when my little one had a severe bout of vomiting and I spent a good portion of the night at the hospital by his bedside. And since then, Gravol has found it's place in our home.

I am proud to share a great initiative that Gravol has undertaken to bring warmth to the hearts of several children.

 Gravol is taking part in an effort to raise awareness for the Children’s Wish Foundation. Gravol will be donating $1 for every Gravol purchase this December, (up to $15,000) in order to grant wishes for children in need.

The Children’s Wish Foundation has never refused a wish to an eligible child since it was established in 1984, and has granted over 18,000 wishes for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. This year has been the most demanding year that the organization has seen in terms of granting wishes for children, with over 1,700 wishes that remain pending.


Wish I really had the finances to make all those wishes come true. The children and their families who are going through some testing times, really deserve it. Yet, I will be doing my part in giving. Every dollar will bring them a step closer to making those wishes a reality.

Check out this video here and make this a blessed season by spreading joy and health.

( If you are reading this and you are a millionaire, you know what you can do. Just do it.)

Disclosure: I received a sample for review purpose only. No monetary compensation was received. The above post reflects my personal opinion.

Shelf Safe Milk for on-the-go families from Milk Unleashed ! ( + a really awesome giveaway ) Open to Canada, Ends on Dec 10, 2012

We have been on-the-go ( literally) for quite a while now. While it was fun, adventurous and refreshing, travelling with kids comes along with a little bit of sickness. It is "the" perfect opportunity to mention about "shelf-safe" milk. 

While travelling, I prefer to choose and carry food products that are healthy, fresh and tasty. Sometimes I do have to compromise on the "freshness" , if we are going on a long trip. My son loves milk and milk can be used to whip up a quick camp-breakfast. Oh, yes, milk is absolutely healthy and should be a part of everyday food intake.

Enter Milk Unleashed.

Now with shelf-safe milk, moms can ensure that the family gets their recommended dose of milk, no matter where they go! With handy single-serving shelf safe milk there’s no need to ever run out!  You can take it anywhere at anytime!  Milk Unleashed goes wherever your family goes, whether it’s a lunchbox, a cooler, purse or a diaper bag!

So, next time while you want to pack a healthy-food basket, don't forget to add milk! 

Take the Milk Unleashed Quiz and leave a comment on how you stack-up? Share the results of the quiz in the comment section.Please mention your email too.

You will have the chance to win an AWESOME prize pack!

We are a Free-Wheelin' Family! 

One lucky winner will get ALL of this !

a) One liter of Shelf Safe Milk (Grand Pre or Baboo)

b) Three single serving shelf safe milks (white and chocolate) from: Chokeo Chocolate Milk, Grand Pre or Baboo

 c) A calendar and brochure with information about Shelf Safe Milk

 d) Cool stickers and Tattoos

 e) Plus, one bonus prize!

Disclosure: I will be receiving a prize pack for this post. No monetary compensation was received. The above post reflects my personal opinion.