CSNstores.com Review + $80 Gift Certificate {Giveaway}

CSN Stores has everything you will ever need ! From furniture to shoes to home decor! Things that people of all ages can use. It is a one-stop-shop for all your shopping needs.

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Let's Grow: Safety First DVD: Review & Giveaway

Who said learning can't be fun? Brand-new from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment Let's Grow: Safety First is on DVD now. Watching this 56 minutes video can not just be fun, but your pre-schooler can learn most of the things on safety that he/she needs to know, from this DVD. If you have kids 2-5, they will enjoy watching this over and over again! What's special about this is that your kids can relate to real life safety situations while watching this DVD by HIT Entertainment

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I won! I won !

Smart and Trendy Moms has some amazing giveaways going on ! And i just received an email from STM that i won their Prefresh Giveaway !!
What a way to be greeted in the morning! I can't wait to see my prize :)

And guess what ? This is my first win in my 2 months of blogging ! I am super excited :)

Prefresh Review and Giveaway

Here's how Prefresh was born:

"What started out as a casual date between two consenting adults, turned into an ongoing relationship of making mad, passionate tees for their friends. One thing led to another, and a tiny idea was conceived. It grew and kicked in the womb for a few months; eventually sprouting into a bigger idea that parents should love the product they buy for their kids just as much as their kids do. Word spread about the immaculate conception, and the two proudly gave birth to Prefresh in 2007, with a vision to make limited run, street-worthy product for all the children of the world."

If you check out their website, you will discover that they are REALLY fun products which are apt for kids! Did i forget to mention CUTE ?! I also checked out their website - the whole visit was fun especially the KNOWLEDGE section! These are the creative people who manufacture these cute clothes for kids.

Smart and Trendy Moms is proud to host a review and Giveaway of Prefresh clothes!

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Wordless Wednesday: Does this count?

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. Matthew 18:20

I received this in my email and wanted to share it with you all :)

My son often takes his teddy to pray..so cute when he does that..lol

Guidecraft Table & Chairs giveaway!

Guidecraft is known for their excellent craftsmanship on their furniture.They have excellent themes and fun colours for kids.You should check out their website if you'd like to buy one of their quality products.You will find furniture suitable for kids upto 6+ yrs of age.

You can also win a Pirate Table & Chairs set for your kids by entering a giveaway hosted by My Silly Monkeys

This giveaway will close on July 1, 2010

There are some other fabulous giveaways in Jess's blog My Silly Monkeys

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Lemon Cake ...yummmmm

I love this lemon cake recipe with it's subtle lemon flavor and a lemon pudding frosting on top, you can never get enough of it.You'll find yourself on your way to grabbing another piece just when you think you've had enough !

I will be baking this again for my son's 2nd birthday- i am so excited!


I posted this recipe on to win a 5-piece set of Rachel Ray's Yum-O! Bakeware.
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MyChelle Foundation & Concealer Giveaway

Chemical-free make up ! Way to go MyChelle! I love natural products !

MyChelle products are all non-toxic and plant based. They are preserved with essential oils, powerful antioxidants and exceptional antimicrobial extracts. This means no harmful chemicals that can be estrogen mimickers. There are no artificial coloring agents, parabens or fragrances in their formulas which is great news! MyChelle proudly support Medicine Horse Program's HopeFoal Project™, which rescues baby horses from the Premarin© hormone-production drug industry and raises these foals as therapy animals for troubled, at-risk girls.

MyChelle would like to give a lucky winner a foundation and a concealer.Enter here to win !

Giveaway ends on 6/22 at 11:59 pm Pacific Time. Open to USA and Canada

Get your free box of Cheerios!

Cheerios - the perfect, healthy breakfast cereal or even a snack. My toddler likes to eat just dry cereal as he finds the whole milk thing and not being able to get the milk in his spoon...pretty annoying when he is just trying to enjoy his breakfast!

General Mills has a wide range is cereal products and they want to give you a box of free cereal so that you can try them for free!

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Gevalia 1853 Heritage Blend Review & Giveaway(Ends 6/18)

Are you a coffee lover like my hubby? Then you'll want to enter this giveaway !

Gevalis coffee was started in Sweden and is still handcrafted in Gävle, Sweden. I can already smell coffee brewing ! Can you?!

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Costco $25 Giftcard & Sunny Day Snacks‏ Giveaway and Review(Ends 6/24)

Ready to win some snacks? Here are 2 things you can win:

1. Nature Valley Chewy Trail Mix Bars are a delicious, natural combination of whole grains and you'll love the taste! Grab one while you are on the move!
2. Simply Fruit Roll-Ups are a treat for your kids! Simply Fruit Roll-Ups comes in Strawberry & Wildberry flavors and made with real fruit.

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The "Most" Beautiful Prayer

I love to hear children pray the most honest prayers.But i was moved ( shaken a bit) when my Noddy Boy uttered his first prayer at 20 months of life!

Noddy Boy has always retired to bed without much fuss when he was sleeping in his crib.Once he got his toddler bed, it was hard work to keep him in his bed.( Some of you moms out there know what i am talking about!)If i had a secret camera in his room, i would see him wandering in the room, pulling out dresser drawers and making stairs with the drawers to get to to the top of the dresser, playing with vaseline..SO! it was time for intervention! I began to tell him " You can't get out of bed" every time he got up to wander around.And he started obeying! Once he reached the edge of the bed, he would hear me and return to lie-down.yeah, this happens like 20 times before he decides not to get up at all :)

About a week ago, i had begun to teach him to pray and thank God for His love and the blessings he has.

One night when i didn't have the energy to repeat myself 20 times, Noddy Boy was desperate to get to the edge of the bed and wouldn't give-up. So i decided to let go to watch where he was going...here's what happened:

Noddy Boy crawled slowly to the edge of the bed and knelt down and put his little palms together and said " Jesa"( his way of pronouncing "Jesus") and slowly repeated "Jesa".Then he raises both his little hands and goes "Hala,Hala" ( he meant Hallelujah! He has been watching people at church). I watched him with tears in my eyes as he crawled back into bed and laid himself down to sleep..

It took me a long time to fall asleep that night..how many times do i forget to see life through the eyes of a child? When tiredness overtook me and i forgot to pray, did i give him a chance to pray even though i forgot? How many times did i deprive him of chances when he was probably right? Because i am a parent, am i always right?

A child's mind is beautiful and says, does beautiful things.Do we have the mind to understand them or are we just too TIRED?