Faith Girlz Bible - New International Version

This is a gorgeous Bible ! I wish I had a daughter who I can give this to. But there are many teens in my church and I know one particularly who would love this. So when I saw this, I knew who I'd give it to.

This is NOT the King James Version. This is the New International Version which is more easy to read and follow. The text is in purple and the titles are in red. There are small blurbs or text box with scriptures, inspiring little phrases which make it more interesting. I read a NIV bible and often find the little extra phrases here and there, very encouraging.

This Bible is a pretty looking Bible and does look stylish for a teen to carry to church, bible study , daily reading  even in her own room.

Finally, it does not matter what Bible we read or if it is pink or blue. God will speak to us through the pink, blue, black text only when we come with a heart that is ready to receive.

Falling in love with the word of God and letting it minister to us is really important. If a child can develop the habit of sitting at the feet of God even for five minutes, that is time well spent.

This is a beautiful Bible and I recommend it with all my heart for any girl.

Disclosure: I received a sample for review purpose only. No monetary compensation was received. The above post reflects my personal opinion.