The "Most" Beautiful Prayer

I love to hear children pray the most honest prayers.But i was moved ( shaken a bit) when my Noddy Boy uttered his first prayer at 20 months of life!

Noddy Boy has always retired to bed without much fuss when he was sleeping in his crib.Once he got his toddler bed, it was hard work to keep him in his bed.( Some of you moms out there know what i am talking about!)If i had a secret camera in his room, i would see him wandering in the room, pulling out dresser drawers and making stairs with the drawers to get to to the top of the dresser, playing with vaseline..SO! it was time for intervention! I began to tell him " You can't get out of bed" every time he got up to wander around.And he started obeying! Once he reached the edge of the bed, he would hear me and return to lie-down.yeah, this happens like 20 times before he decides not to get up at all :)

About a week ago, i had begun to teach him to pray and thank God for His love and the blessings he has.

One night when i didn't have the energy to repeat myself 20 times, Noddy Boy was desperate to get to the edge of the bed and wouldn't give-up. So i decided to let go to watch where he was's what happened:

Noddy Boy crawled slowly to the edge of the bed and knelt down and put his little palms together and said " Jesa"( his way of pronouncing "Jesus") and slowly repeated "Jesa".Then he raises both his little hands and goes "Hala,Hala" ( he meant Hallelujah! He has been watching people at church). I watched him with tears in my eyes as he crawled back into bed and laid himself down to sleep..

It took me a long time to fall asleep that many times do i forget to see life through the eyes of a child? When tiredness overtook me and i forgot to pray, did i give him a chance to pray even though i forgot? How many times did i deprive him of chances when he was probably right? Because i am a parent, am i always right?

A child's mind is beautiful and says, does beautiful things.Do we have the mind to understand them or are we just too TIRED?


Ria Thurston said...

Hello Esther! Thank you for the sweet comments and FF :) Following you back. Enjoy your weekend. Thanks for grabbing my button as well. Bless you!

Esther - TTBM said...

Thanks Ria, truly i was impressed with your creativity.If i lived near you, you would be taking pics for my family :) my button will be up for grabs soon! Great weekend to you!

Erin Wallace said...

This is Wonderful! I would have been crying cuz I'm just that big of a mushball.

Thanks for following me - am followin gyou back now!

xo Erin

Wanda said...

Hi Esther,

Thanks for popping by and leaving a sweet comment. Your "Noddy" boy is adorable - and I so know what you mean by "they grow up too fast". Sigh

That was Mt Trembalnt btw. Pretty neat place.

Have a great week-end!

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