In stores this Fall 2012: Sesame Street Ready for School Elmo from the Steps to School Collection!

Elmo has a great history of entertaining infants and toddlers. As a toddler, my son has spent hours playing and listening to Elmo.

Is it the voice or those big beaded eyes or the plush-red skin ? Only they'll know how and why this cute-little monster captured a place in their hearts!
Now, preschoolers can have fun with Elmo as they get ready for school. Though my son knows alphabets , numbers and shape, he seemed to enjoy Ready for School Elmo
This toy is from the Steps to School collection.

At the push of a button Elmo sings and the zip which has a triangle shape can be pulled up and down. Since this is an interactive toy, toddlers will find it very interesting to indulge in some self-learning. I am a great fan of such toys as they give the child independence to explore and learn at the same time.

Ready for School Elmo helps toddlers with their fine motor skills as the press, zip, snap and squeeze Elmo for different activities.This is a great toy for toddlers who are starting to familiarize themselves with alphabets, numbers and shapes.

When I asked my son if he'd be willing to share this toy with a younger friend, he replied " No, think Elmo will feel better with me". Elmo fans can never get enough of Elmo ! So the furry friend will continue to provide a thoroughly enjoyable experience for preschoolers as they get ready for school!

Look for it in stores this Fall 2012! 

Disclosure: I received a sample for review purpose only. No monetary compensation was received. The above post reflects my personal opinion. 


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