From Cradle to College . Weddings and Babies . Hallmark for all seasons of life!

Summer is in full bloom and so is life !

 A new-mommy to be,
 A new baby to welcome, 
Baby's first birthday,
A friend who just finished her grad school 
Two soul-mates entering into life's journey together.

 Each of these events reminds me of how each occasion is special to the person  celebrating it. I have celebrated each of these and yes! they are some of the most special occasions in life! 

Hallmark has some great products to celebrate those moments..Life is a special occasion!

What's more special than a big brother or big sister's thoughts on a new baby that is being awaited? Here's Hallmark's recordable memory book - What's That in Mommy's Tummy
A book that I will need in the future!

This totally cute, little, cupcake shaped birthday candle ( battery powered) is sure to excite an 1 yr old. Why? Because he/she can squeeze this little cake all they want and nothing more than enjoyment, laughter and squeals can happen. Grab your camcorder and make memories of your baby's first birthday as you see their faces light up with this First Birthday Cake Plush.The yellow top glows when the button is pressed and of course, the happy birthday song will play on! 

Graduation is celebrating the fruit of years of hard work. Celebration comes with memories of good times shared all along the way. I remember studying with friends in library, coffee shops and holding project meetings at the class rooms...these friends have a huge part in my success. So it is absolutely a celebration of not just success but good relationships that were formed. 

Here's the perfect photo album to store all your memories.

 Summer weddings...are a ball! Wow..the golden sunshine just adds to the beauty of the glorious wedding. I was so pleased with what I saw at Hallmark for a wedding present! They have stunning wedding albums in shiny white fabric. My friend got married this summer and it was a beautiful gift for her.

Don't forget to see what you can choose to celebrate that special occasion in your life!

Visit Hallmark Canada to know more.

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