Spend more time PLAYING with Hasbro's Original Memory Game ( + Giveaway) 31/5 ( CAN)

 There is an ocean of toys and games out there and even as a parent, I find it overwhelming to choose "THE" toy. The one that will not make me go nuts to set it up and after sweating over set-up, I see my toddler  walk away from it after a few minutes. Huh?!

Even kids like some change from their highly stimulating toys that have them scream in excitement over the shiny lights and noises.

I love the days when my house is quiet and all I can hear is the clippity clappity sound of my computer keyboard. The other days when I try to write a blog post, my son would come and call me  a 100 times to go see how his Tonka Ricochet can show him some awesome moves. I feel guilty if I do not go.How many more moments will I get to share with him? 

Maybe many more...if we play some board games. The woman in me says that  I like board games WAY more than a Tonka Ricochet

So here's a way to PLAY more and spend some quality time with your child ! 

This is a great preschooler game that you can play with your child and also helps improve their memory skills. Colorful and fun pictures help preschoolers easily recognize them. Easy recognition helps to get them interested in the game.Once they gain interest , the game is on!

I remember buying a memory game but all the pictures were irrelevant to a 3-4 yr old ( it was meant for that age according to the cover). My son had no interest in it and slowly the pieces went missing.

Hasbro's Original Memory Game has got it right.He is happy to recognize a butterfly, goldfish and wants to play more.There is no set-up involved and you can spend more time playing. All the pieces can be stored away in the box.

It is a great game for a quiet time that the child can even play by himself / herself.

And I love to play it with my son....it helps me keep my memory sharp!

Thanks to Hasbro, one lucky reader will have the chance to win another board game - CANDYLAND!

Disclosure: I received a sample for review purpose only. No monetary compensation was received. The above post reflects my personal opinion.



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