Where oh where have I been?!

I was gone for a long time..or does it just seems like it? No, I wasn't on a break or a vacation. 

My son had to undergo surgery and is recovering at home. It was a traumatic experience for him, given his age.
There is nothing too important when it comes to being there for my only son. I made sure I did everything to make him feel better at every stage. So, that's what kept me far, far away from my computer for all this while!

I plan to catch up slowly and start posting again. I will not be posting a separate post for winners this time, due to time constraints and commitments that I have to keep up. Winners will be sent an email directly and winner will be displayed on the Rafflecopter widget. Thank you for bearing with me!


Brandi Elam said...

I hope your son is doing okay now! Sorry to hear he had to have surgery. It is definitely hard at that age.

TTByM said...

Thanks Brandi! He is weak but recovering.

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