This is a brilliant idea from Seventh Generation. A Breakthrough in reducing use of plastic !

Beginning in March, grocery stores from Save-on-Foods to Loblaw’s will see an intriguing addition as Seventh Generation , the country’s leading non-toxic household product provider, has recently launched the first recyclable and compostable laundry container.

The new detergent packaging is made of an outer shell of 70 percent recycled cardboard fibers and 30 percent old newspaper fibers. By using 66 percent less plastic than typical 100 ounce Seventh Generation has been able to conserve mass amounts of plastic and emissions. If every household in Canada used the new 1.47 litre cardboard detergent carton instead of a 1.47 litre plastic bottle, in ONE YEAR we would avoid 24,000 tonnes of GHG , which is the equivalent of removing 7,000 cars from the road for one year. 

If we can have juice, milk in recyclable boxes, why not liquid detergent? 

About The Bottle
  • The new Natural 4X Laundry Detergent packs twice as much cleaning punch in the industry’s most innovative package—a unique new bottle made from (wait for it…) recycled paper that you can recycle or compost yourself!
  • This ground-breaking outer shell of rugged fiberboard made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper (70% old cardboard and 30% old newspapers), also contains a recyclable #4 plastic liner and a recyclable #5 spout and cap that hold the detergent and makes sure only your laundry gets soaped.
  • The new packaging system—fiber bottle, pouch, spot and cap—uses 66% less plastic than conventional 100 oz. 2X detergent bottles yet cleans the same number of loads. (It takes up less space in your reusable shopping bags and laundry room, too.)
  • New bottle’s 100% post-consumer content closes the recycling loop. It’s both recycled and recyclable in curbside bins. Our bottle gives this waste a second life and then some—the fibers we use can be recycled up to seven times.
  • The recycled cardboard uses 25% less energy to make and releases fewer sulfur dioxide emissions. Each ton also saves nine cubic yards of landfill space and 46 gallons of petroleum. The bottle’s plastic liner can be recycled in any plastic bag recycling bin.

 l really look forward to checking this out in person to see how this bottle feels.

Make sure you look for this bottle next time when you shop for laundry detergent!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. It is purely my love for environmentally friendly products that motivated me to post this information. The content in solely based on the information provided by the PR firm.


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I just finished my first bottle and got to compost it. Such an awesome feeling.

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