Filing income taxes gets easier with TurboTax! (+ Giveaway - 2 winners) 3/31 ( Open to Canada)

 Intuit is a one-stop shop for all your tax related needs - be it personal or business. Some of my friends have been using TurboTax for many years. Since it was so highly recommended to me, I decided to use it last year. Even though I used the online tax software, I knew I could trust TurboTax with my information. This year, I am happy to share with you about my tax filing experience and give you some reasons why you should consider choosing TurboTax for filing your taxes.

TurboTax is Canada's #1 best selling software. I chose TurboTax based on reviews from my friends and many people would agree with me.

Is this your first time filing your taxes? Don't be nervous! TurboTax is extremely user-friendly and will prompt you step-by-step on how to enter your information correctly. It guarantees 100% accuracy.The software is designed for use by a person who has no knowledge about tax. You read it right. Been there and I was so glad with my choice of tax software!

Don't have much knowledge on the "how to's" ? TurboTax has got you covered.  
It guarantees you the maximum refund. The software will ask you questions along the way to ensure that you have covered all areas relevant to your file. 

TurboTax provides great support

Here's a scoop of what support you can expect in 2012, a never-before, new and professional support :

  • Free Tax Advice from Real Canadian Tax Professionals. 24/7. They're professional accountants, MBAs and tax professionals who have collectively filed thousands of tax returns for Canadians just like you.
  •  It's not a recording. It’s not a generic web search. It’s personalized guidance from a live, experienced tax professional, designed to give you confidence when it comes to your taxes. And it’s completely FREE.
  •  From February 10th through May 4th 2012, TurboTax Free Tax Advice is available by phone or live chat.
I am sure that EVERYONE will need help and this is kind of support is something really fantastic to have! Great value addition for money.

Do it yourself.Do it from home. It is easy and comfortable to get your papers together at home and pace yourself. Do you spend a lot of time comparing prices of accountants to do your taxes? I feel that they over-charge anyways. Before I discovered TurboTax, I remember not wanting to pay $100 to a company with whom I had to make an appointment and sit and watch them fill the boxes. When I attempted to do it myself, it was so easy and it was definitely a valuable learning experience. Save your time and money!

Are you ready to get started with TurboTax?

I thought it would be neat if we had a giveaway and thanks to the folks at TurboTax , TWO lucky Canadian readers will have the chance to win their own coupons to file their taxes online using NETFILE!

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Disclosure: I received a sample for review purpose only. No monetary compensation was received. The above post reflects my personal opinion.


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