Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Space Adventure DVD ( R+G) 11/25



It’s Adventure Day and Professor Von Drake is sending Mickey and pals into the far reaches of outer  space. The team blasts off in their Clubhouse Rocket in search of Treasure Stars that will point the way to the Out-of-this-World Treasure, their ultimate goal. The interplanetary trip takes preschool viewers first to the Moon, Mars and the Rings of Saturn. Along the way, the gang gets help from friendly space aliens Moon Men Chip and Dale, Martian Mickey and Pluto from Pluto but they also encounter sneaky Space Pirate Pete, who wants the Treasure all for himself. Eventually the Clubhouse Rocket’s crew and Space  Pirate Pete manage to become friends, and they all follow the trail of the Treasure Stars to the mysterious  Planet Mickey where they discover the location of the Out-of-this-World Treasure. It turns out to be a  futuristic, space age version of the Clubhouse -- the perfect meeting place for all pals across the universe! 

When my little boy saw the slipcover of this DVD, he started to sing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song. That's how much he loves Mickey & gang. This time it was all the more exciting as the adventure reached new and great heights - into SPACE! He was thrilled to expand his little knowledge about space and in a fun and entertaining way. He has been very inquisitive about planets and what else is up there in the wide open sky. 

It was a great DVD to watch and my son loved it, continues to love it everyday until the next new adventure!

I was pretty pleased with the digital copy that came along in the DVD pack. This means that I can download this movie onto my portables and watch it on the go. Great option to have and much appreciated!

Suggested Retail Price:  2-Disc (DVD + Digital Copy) Combo Pack = $19.99 U.S. / $24.99 Canada Run Time:   Approximately 70 minutes
Languages: English, Spanish, French 

One lucky reader will have the chance to win a copy of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Space Adventure DVD! Thank you Disney for sponsoring this giveaway!
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