Christmas Gift Guide: German Porcelain from KAHLA ( R+G) 11/30 ( US / CAN)

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Since the refounding of KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan GmbH in 1994, the owner family Raithel has dedicated itself to sustainability. Therefore the porcelain for the senses is exclusively produced at the Kahla site in Thuringia, Germany. The hard porcelain made of natural raw materials is checked according to international standards to ensure that it is free from harmful substances. In the scope of the „KAHLA pro Eco“ sustainability strategy, the company uses in house wells and saves millions of litres of water via water preparation. CO2 emissions are significantly reduced by investments in modern technology.

We are great fans of German products - especially when it comes to anything mechanical. Germans are very good at engineering and make very good quality products that will last for a very long time. 

You can only imagine how I looked forward to trying and testing KAHLA's porcelain products. They are excellent quality, beautifully designed for a modern look yet in a classic style - tableware at its finest! As soon as I got it, I eagerly looked for "Made in Germany" seal. Sometimes, it maybe designed in Germany but made in another part of the world. It was nicely sealed at the bottom in beautiful letters "Made in Germany".

I love porcelain as it is so much lighter than china and of course more durable.KAHLA products have an outstanding and modern look - thanks to their top designer Barbara Schmidt! Simplicity with colour, comfort and elegance embellish KAHLA porcelain.

Let me present to you the products I received from KAHLA from their TOUCH! series.

The unique porcelain with a velvety-soft suface design - for a special sensual and fascinating experience.
With its special, three-dimensional coating in 12 shining colours (red, orange, black, pink, blue, yellow, coral, dark blue and dark green, violet, brown and turquoise), touch! offers additional functional properties like heat protection and noise reduction. The patented surface also meets the demands of a modern household: it has successfully passed extensive testing and is dishwasher safe, microwave resistant and safe for use with food and has received several design awards.

One of the probable reasons for the name TOUCH! is because the coloured parts of the porcelain is covered in a velvety material. Initially I wasn't sure if the velvet would hold up in water and microwave. After a week's use, it hasn't shown any signs of peeling or other damages.  When it is held in the hand, it feels awesome to hold a velvet texture instead of just a hot cup. When not drinking, I end up feeling the velvet and I should say it IS soothing! 

This espresso cup comes in different sizes and colours and you can buy it online for $48. It seems expensive but KAHLA is quality and design at its best! This is one of the best porcelain that you can come across!

I also received another Banderole Mug which is really fun and versatile.

This has the same concept in terms of design in the TOUCH! collection. It is microwave and dishwasher safe. I have been drinking tea and coffee in this mug and it is so beautiful! I have to take it to work with me and show it off at tea time and introduce KAHLA to my colleagues.

The Banderole Mug comes in vibrant, fun colours and retails for $20.

Like my son who always asks " What else?", if you ask me what else from KAHLA, I'd say they have more prettier pieces for your lovely eyes to feast on! The colours are simple and the design is so eye-catching and that is what pulled me first towards this brand. And this is something where I realized that looks are not deceptive --- great quality of dinnerware from KAHLA Porcelain, now in Canada!

 Go on, allow yourself to admire what KAHLA has in store for this holiday season and think about who would get something from KAHLA on your Christmas list. Their pieces are tres chic for a fine dining  experience!

Five Senses Christmas Mug -$15 each

Five Senses Touch! Cappucino Cup - $39.82 each

Gift it :

KAHLA porcelain will make great gifts for the home and a special gift for those you love!

Buy it:

All products from KAHLA porcelain can purchased from their website

Win it:

One lucky reader will have the chance to win a Banderole Mug & Espresso Cup from the TOUCH! collection. 


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