Kidorable's Holiday Gift Buying Quiz & A Kidorable Review!

I thought I knew ALMOST everything about buying the right gift UNTIL I took this quiz. Twice. I did pretty bad. Twice. I admit I have to swallow a few pills of wisdom before I start using my grey matter! 

Feel like you wanna test yourself and see if you are on safe grounds? Click on this little banner and it will take you right to your testing spot:

Tell me how you did in the quiz ! Kidorable hopes to throw some light on how to make the right decision when purchasing gifts and not go into a mad spending spree..just because.. you'll know when you take the quiz!

Speaking of gifts, one of the truths is that ONLY toys do not make great gifts. There are other everyday items that make great gifts because of their utility. Kidorable products have great use for children and parents will also feel so grateful to receive a rain coat or a pair of rain boots for their child.

We had the chance to try Kidorable's Fireman Raincoat earlier and I am sure that my son will be willing to wear it even in bits and pieces after he has grown out of it! It has been serving him well this whole year and being the skinny guy he is, it will be used for another year. This time, Kidorable generously offered a pair of Fireman Rain Boots to try on! 

Honestly, it is the cutest pair of shoes he has owned so far. And all he could say was "Wow, wow, this is beautiful"! He decided that he is going to wear it tomorrow to his daycare and show it to all his friends. He is one proud little ambassador for Kidorable! 
Perfect for a jump in the puddle or a pile of leaves! 

The shoes arrived in a cute little box with a bright orange ribbon ! It looks pretty as is, doesn't even need wrapping. Kidorable is where quality, functionality and style meet!

You can buy these Fireman Boots for $29.

Disclaimer: I received a pair of the featured boots for review. No other forms of compensation was provided. Opinions here are my own.


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