Squinkies : Surprize Inside

Squinkies are a themed collectible figures that come in little bubbles that can be opened.These are not only cute to look with girlish colors but also soft to touch and bend.Squishy, squashy and adorable for any little girl.They are very tiny little collectibles and not meant for children under 3 yrs of age. Animals and cute little girls are what you'd find in the little bubbles.

Squinkies has various play sets available for your little one. It will be more fun to use Squinkies with the play sets. Squinkies are meant to be more for girls as their color and character appeal to girls' tastes.

I don't have a daughter but my son may like to collect the animals. But he's too small to handle these tiny figures, so i will hold on to them. If i have a daughter, will i buy Squinkies for my daughter? Perhaps not.

I find them way too small to hold or to even look at.Yes they are cute to look, but they are hard to look! I like the color combination and the features in the figures, i think they'd be a lot better if only they were a little big! The nicely shaped dolls will stand out to me if they were bigger in size. Children can learn, think better if they can see better ! I would be tired of loosing them due to their extremely miniature size and will not buy them again as it has a tendency of getting lost quicker.

I also think that the little plastic bubble for each Squinkies doll is way too much plastic for fun. These bubbles will be ignored or lost once the doll is out for play, so why put so much plastic and pollute the environment? Can there be an alternate way to pack these dolls in a attractive and eco-friendly manner ? I think it could be done by using a recyclable, transparent material that will still reveal the colors of the dolls. I am trying to be environment friendly and also teaching my son the same.

With some alteration is size and eliminating the use of excess plastic, Squinkies can not only be a child's best friend but for the " buck " spending parent and most importantly for the environment!

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( Disclaimer: Thanks to Squinkies, I received a pack containing 16 squinkie characters & containers from Squinkies for the purpose of review.All opinions expressed here are my own)


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