Keep learning tall with Ebeanstalk !

Pam-pa-ra-pa-ram ! Good news to all Moms and Children !! In case you haven't heard of this online store bubbling over with fun learning toys, then go on and lend me an ear . Will ya?

Ebeanstalk is an online store selling educational toys for newborn to 12 yrs of age. Ebeanstalk team looked at over 10,000 developmental toys (yes, 10,000) from well-known manufacturers around the world and narrowed the list down to the 600 best learning toys. Each toy on eBeanstalk is carefully selected, tested and approved and comes with the eBeanstalk Seal of Approval. I love and appreciate this tremendous effort put into careful selection of toys for children.

Child experts hand select only the best learning toys, so not only is it easy to find age appropriate toys, but you can be reassured that they are great for a baby's development too!

Before i dive into why i love Ebeanstalk, here's some food for thought from Dr.David Steinberg :

  • In the first three years of life the brain rapidly forms connections between brain cells, and ultimately a single cell can connect with as many as 15,000 other cells.
  • By three months babies' brains are burning up an increasing amount of glucose. Between age 4 and 9 a child's brain actually becomes twice as active as an adult brain. This activity remains at twice the level of an adult until the child reaches the age of nine or ten.
  • The parts of the brain that are stimulated and used will develop and those that are not used will be lost. It's the baby's early experiences that determine which connections are kept and which don't survive. It is theorized that when a connection is used it becomes permanent, but when it is not used it is unlikely to survive.
  • Between the ages of 8 months and 3 years a child's language comprehension and strategies become more sophisticated.
  • The absence of experiences that will stimulate the brain during critical periods can have a lasting impact. Critical periods are times when the brain is most ripe for the learning and acquisition of new skills.
The best feature of Ebeanstalk is that you can sail through your shopping experience smoothly as the toys are categorized based on age. Even if your child is 2 yrs and 6 months, the right toy is identified just for his/her age! If you look at the toys carefully, you will find that it will stimulate your child to think while playing. Worth the money for our pocket and worth the time for the child! Check out their Grow & Learn Series. I think it is a great idea!

Have you ever needed to find perfect baby gifts, but weren't quite sure where to look? Search no further. 

Have an energetic toddler and want to keep him/her busy while engaging their minds constructively?All you have to do is head on over to ebeanstalk and search for toddler toys

I think i have already decided on my son's christmas gift - The Doctor Kit .

oh wait i like the Melody Express Musical Train and the Parking Garage too!

I 'll take my time to decide :) I know it will be a good one. And a Happy Shopping to you!

( Disclaimer: I have not received any products for review nor have I been monetarily compensated for this post. )


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