Book Review: " The boy who came back from heaven " by Kevin Malarkey

This is a true story about a father and his six-year old son Alex, who were victims of a tragic accident.According to the doctors, Alex had no chances of survival.But God different plans for this family who were living through the hardest time of their lives.Alex had gone to be with Jesus, but only for a while.After 2 months of coma, Alex wakes up to tell the most incredible journey he had right from the moment of the accident. It is heart-warming to know from a child about God's protection and how true heaven is.In simple words, Alex tells us about heaven, his meetings with Jesus and his heavenly tour.

On the flip side, this story reflects a father's love and how the feelings of guilt that enters the channel of forgiveness and then becomes a challenging testimony. I cannot imagine this happening to anyone and the thought of seeing a child, lifeless for 2 months is something beyond any imagination. But this story is so real in the way it is written that in my heart i was hoping and my heart rose in prayers for Alex and his family.

Meaningful insights on life after death and a glimpse of heaven through the eyes of a six-year old...worth reading every page!

You can buy it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites.

( Disclaimer: I was sent a review copy of this book. I was not compensated monetarily for this review. All opinions expressed here are my own)


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