Orangutan Diaries from PBS - Recommended for all ages.

We are always excited to watch animal documentaries. There is so much to learn about them. I did not know much about Orangutans except that they looked and acted like monkeys. This DVD was a great source of information and entertainment.

Can you believe my 4 yr old watched it with such interest? Orangutans are so much like humans in the way they interact and behave.The documentary was shot in a Orangutan sanctuary which is understaffed and the small group of staff with a great leader are trying to care, protect and save the species from abuse and extinction. 

There is a school for baby Orangutans who are orphans, where they are taught everything that they would otherwise learn from their mother. Abused Orangutans are rescued and brought to the school where they are taught and helped to integrate back into their natural habitat and community.

It was amazing to know how much care and love they are showered with by the staff. More and more forest areas are being converted into plantations which leaves the Orangutan with less and less food options. Worse is that they loose their home - the wild. The understanding that comes from watching this documentary will encourage someone to empathize with these animals and you might also want to go and volunteer at the animal sanctuary.

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redapes said...

It's really wonderful to see how much of a positive impact Orangutan Diaries had on you and your child. You can learn more about orangutans and the show on the Orangutan Outreach website: http://redapes.org
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