Breakfast with Kelloggs

We all know about the variety of breakfast cereals carried by Kelloggs. Families across the world kick start their day with Kelloggs products .

Well, Kelloggs has just introduced some more breakfast items to their already interesting collection. Frozen waffles are always a hit in my home - it fits in a breakfast as well as doubles as a delicious snack.Saves me some time, full bellies and happy kids. Kelloggs Eggo just got a bit more interesting for kid in terms of size. Now the original waffle size has been divided into 4 - mini waffles. The minis remain connected to each other, so its the same toasting size.Kids would love to hold this as it will fit right in between their little fingers.

It is absolutely delicious and it went from this

to this in 30 minutes ! Gulp, gulp!

The other product we tried was the  Special K* Flatbread Morning Sandwich.

Only 90 calories and they are ready in 90 seconds. It is a warm and serve breakfast. We somehow didn't like this one as much.They come in packs of 2.

The new protein drinks from Kelloggs are getting rave reviews.

New Special K* Morning Shake protein drinks are a satisfying, on-the-go addition to your morning routine. This creamy, deliciously strawberry flavoured shake contains 10g (per 296mL serving) of Protein and 12 Essential Nutrients. It's a great way to satisfy your morning hunger so you can stay on track.

I really like the fact that the protein and fibre content keeps you feeling full. But the sugar content worries me. I would blend it with some fruit and enjoy it.

Disclosure: I received a sample for review purpose only. No monetary compensation was received. The above post reflects my personal opinion.


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