Arm & Hammer Cold Water Laundry Detergent : It works and environment friendly !

I am all for conserving energy.But sometimes I need to use hot water so as to make the washing process more effective. Not all clothes can tolerate hot water and some materials tend to run colors when washed with hot water. I have tried another detergent brand for cold water and was not satisfied with the results.So I just continued using hot water.
When I received the Arm & Hammer laundry detergent for cold water, I was pretty sure that it won't deliver and I put it away for a few weeks. Now that summer is almost over, I wanted to wash my cotton sheets and looking at how pretty the sheet was, I needed to wash them in cold water if I wanted the sheet to still look pretty and inviting! So I decided to give this a try.

I poured a little more detergent than what was recommended as it was a heavy load. The sheets came out clean and colors were intact! Loved the results! 

There is one more reason why I would choose Arm & Hammer  Cold Water Laundry Detergent .It is environment friendly. I only wish I could buy bigger cans from places like Costco.

ARM & HAMMER® Cold Water Liquid Laundry Detergent Product Benefit

  • Special agents trap soil in the wash water, so it rinses away and doesn’t redeposit on clothes
  • Cleaning agents are safe for septic systems
  • Specially formulated to be used in regular, technologically advanced and environmentally friendly High Efficiency (HE) washers
  • Clean Fresh scent keeps laundry smelling clean
  • Delivers 44 medium wash loads in the 2.03 litre bottle
  • Whitens whites and removes tough stains

Available at retailers across Canada
SRP: $4.99 - $5.99

From August 23 to August 30, ARM & HAMMER® is offering an online product giveaway. All you have to do is visit:  (this link will go live on Aug 23) where you can click to order a coupon which is then mailed to your home within 10 days. Once received, you may redeem it at the cash to receive a free detergent. 

Disclosure: I received a sample for review purpose only. No monetary compensation was received. The above post reflects my personal opinion.



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