A brand new adventure from Dino Dan! ( + Giveaway) 8/5 ( US / CAN)

Join paleontologist-in-training Dan Henderson on a totally awesome prehistoric adventure! Dan teaches a baby Triceratops defensive moves to help it get around a meat-eating Spinosaurus!  Then find out why the T-rex has such small arms when Dan and his friends embark on a sleepover adventure at the famous Royal Ontario Museum.  Tour the museum and learn about real fossil skeletons, from the Stegosaurus to the Tyrannosaurus rex.  But then the visit quickly turns into mayhem when some sneaky dinosaurs steal a T-rex claw from the museum!  Will Dan be able to  get the T-rex claw back before sunrise?  Join the adventure in Where the Dinosaurs Are!

The action-packed adventure is brought vividly to life through a combination of live action and CGI animation.  The “Dino Dan” series was developed under the guidance of paleontologists at Canada’s Royal Tyrrell Museum in Alberta, and the Museum’s Curator of Dinosaurs, Dr. Don Henderson, is both the lead consultant on the show and an inspiration for its main character.

My little dinosaur lover, totally enjoyed watching this and learning more about the big creatures.It is not just entertaining but my 4 yr old had many questions which lead to us discovering new facts about dinosaurs. This title has a story line where Dan helps a baby dinosaur explore his strength and skills, Dan tries to get the -Rex claw before it's too late and all the fun facts about the humongous animals that once walked our earth have been integrated into the story. 

Where the Dinosaurs Are DVD can be found at Toys “R” Us, Target, Walmart, Kmart, Amazon, and also on www.ncircleentertainment.com.

Special suggested retail price - $6.99

Win your copy here!

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