Back to School 2012 : Be a smart shopper this Back to School season !

I am kicking off the Back to School feature this week!


Right here on my blog! Are you excited? isn't over yet? Technically, yes. But in my mind, it was over a month ago and thoughts of preparing ( aka shopping ) for next year's school supplies started way back in March.

Given the number of products available in the market, it is hard to find the one product that will meet my need and give me the value for my money. I do not want to clutter my house with a zillion products for one purpose, just because they were cheap.

Here's what I have learned from books, the wisdom of  some mothers who I look up to and a little dash of experience. They are fairly simple to understand but the discipline of resisting the temptation to choose quality over style / looks may make it harder to follow these suggestions. Give it a try and see if it helps you !
  • Make a list :
Take time to prepare your list. Write it on a paper that won't get lost or use a spreadsheet.
  • Make a budget:
Set aside a realistic budget. Keep in mind that you want to buy quality products. A very low budget may force you to buy cheap items and you will end up buying more and will go over your budget.
  • Research:
This is the most important phase. Go online and read reviews / forums. It is wise to learn from the experience of others. Use intelligent terms while using the search engine.Read consumer reports or other such reliable sources of information before making expensive purchases for school like laptops, hard drive etc.
  • Record your choices for narrowing down:
I would highly recommend using a spreadsheet but if you do not have a computer, any note book will do. You may want to consult with your spouse as he/she may know of something better than what you just found online.
  • Look for deals:
The above steps takes time. So start early so that you have time to wait for a blow out sale or collect some coupon codes.Though I am willing to pay for a higher quality product, I love to get a 30% off and put that change in my pocket.
  • Make your purchase:
When you see that brand that carries the product of your choice, it is time to nail it! Last year I did these and found an awesome school bag from Children's Place for $9.99 which originally would have cost $24.95. 

Somethings like shoes, bags, lunch boxes will take a good beating everyday at school. So when you find a good deal, buy a couple of colors so you can always happily replace them just on time.Pay attention to sizes as children grow and their needs change over a period of one year.

So here on my blog, I will present you with reviews of  products that I am satisfied with. We will have giveaways too! 

I am starting this feature early so you can know the best choices available for you.  You can find links to the product websites in my review posts and take advantage of their deals of the season!

Happy Summer and here's hoping that you will be a smart shopper this back to school season!


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