The Scent of a Mother ( + Win a gift basket worth $150 from The Body Shop)

Mother's Day is just around the corner. 

It has always been a special day for me since I was a little girl as I loved to write a card and make a small present for my mom. It gave me such pleasure to let my mom know how much I loved her and missed her.I looked forward to it.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be with my mom all the time.It was because she was working in a different city for a few years.And that left me with a longing to be with my mom. My dad was wonderful to take care of us along with his full time job.So as I looked back and was reminiscing about my childhood memories, there was this one memory that I can never forget.

There couldn't be a more perfect time to share this.

During the times, when I felt like I wanted to see my mom, I would go to her closet, slowly take her neatly folded clothes and smell them.I held them against my chest and sometimes cried like I will never get to see her again. It smelled like mommy.Ah, what comfort it gave me...The Scent of a Mother. I think her clothes probably were fragrant from the perfume she used or maybe the make didn''t matter. To me, it smelled like mommy.

When my mom came home for the weekends, she did everything for us. It included a LOT of cooking. I do not recall her  ever sulking but flavoring everything she did with love and care.I still can picture her in her apron and I used to often run up to hug her in her apron. The apron was stained, smelled of onions, potatoes and oranges. It did not matter. To me, it smelled like mommy.

She was and still a hard-working woman who did the BEST she could so that my life would be sprinkled with joy and laughter. She set the  standard high for me so I can aim high and never give up.

She  worked like it depended on her and prayed like it depended on God. My mom, showed me what it is to reflect God''s love to others.When I feel and see God''s love, it smells like my mommy.

She taught me to experience the joy of giving. Giving to the needy ranked high in her priorities.Thank you mom for leading by example that I am able to humbly and joyfully support the less fortunate children across the world.She taught me to feel the pain of the painful.

My mom has had her share of hurts in life but through it all, she was real. She taught me how to pray and pray through.

I am not sure if I will be even half a good mother as my mother was. But the scent of her love, sacrifices, patience, hard work, embrace, kind words and mostly her beautiful, reassuring smile....still fills my life. She is the most wonderful mom and I am so blessed to be her daughter! 

Years have flown by and I am a proud mother now. I do not live close to my mom and I wish I had at least one of her clothes to remind me of her presence close to me. I am pretty sure that I will hug her clothes and cry for her at least once a day.  
She will always be "my mommy" and no matter  how old I grow, I will always be her "little girl". 

The scent of my mother, will always linger on in my life.

The Body Shop is joining me in celebrating the spirit of motherhood with some new releases and they are offering one lucky Canadian reader a chance to win a totally awesome gift!

One of the top reasons I love The Body Shop products is because they use a lot of natural ingredients. I do not like to smother myself with products high in chemicals. So my love for The Body Shop products will only increase with each of their new addition to their existing collection.

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Disclosure: I will be compensated for this post with some products from The Body Shop. No monetary compensation was received. The above post reflects my personal opinion.



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