Fresh and cool for summer - The 4 ingredient wrap. Toddler approved!

I am always on the search for easy, healthy and tasty ( that's  deadly combo!) ideas for my son. I'd be surprised if I do find something that meets the 3 main criteria. 

Maybe some of you have already tried this..but this was a " moment of triumph " for me as I knew right away from the ingredients that this would make it to our "to eat frequently" list.

I saw this on the kraft recipes website but tweeked it a slightly to make-do with what I had in hand.So here we go:

These are the only 4 ingredients you will need:

Whole wheat Tortillas, 1 banana, 2 strawberries, strawberry cream cheese spread.

Spread strawberry cream cheese generously onto a tortilla and load with sliced bananas and chopped strawberries. 

Roll it up in an aluminum foil and it is good to go! 

Tastes best when eaten fresh.

How easy was that? Absolutely delicious too!



Soozle said...

That looks awesome and pretty healthy to boot!

Thanks for sharing!

TTByM said...

I used the light cream cheese, so it is totally healthy!

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