What Easter means to me...

I was walking by the river with my camera around my neck. There was a brown bush that caught my eye. A closer look revealed these tiny red flowers that were blooming. In my heart, I felt a new found, greater appreciation and admiration for this bush. It bore the brunt of the cold winter and kept its beauty covered inside, until the right time. 

It was a SIGN of LIFE.

Easter reminds me of all the pain God bore on the cross, only to release life, love and joy in abundance for me. It is such a powerful and personal message to everyone. 

When I feel that I am almost crumpled, God pours out His healing love.

When I feel lonely, He reminds me of His presence.

When I am overwhelmed and confused, He fills me with His peace.

When I think that this is the end, He shows me the way ahead.

When I am broken in my heart, He reminds me that He was broken for me and strengthens me through His brokenness.

God comes through EVERY time because His love is UNCONDITIONAL.

 Though I thank God everyday for giving His life for me on the cross, Easter is a special day to REMEMBER & CELEBRATE that Jesus not only died, but He rose again! He is a risen Saviour without whom, I am nothing. I am humbled every time to know what  a wonderful God I love and trust.

I asked my 3 yr old " What is the story of Easter?" He put it simply yet beautifully " ..That God loves us". 

Yes, it is that simple. God LOVES us! Remember that God LOVES you and you CAN trust Him !

To me, Easter is a SIGN of LIFE!  

What does Easter mean to you?

My prayer:

Father, may those who read this , be filled with the love that you demonstrated on the Cross and the power of your resurrection. May they be filled with LIFE and let Easter remind them of your unconditional love, no matter what their circumstance is. Touch them with your love. Embrace them and their loved ones with your presence. In your Wonderful name, Amen!