Get cracking with Hallmark's Squawkin'-Egg Droppin' Hen ! A must have for Easter!

 Gone are the days when Hallmark was known just for cards. They are expanding their product line and some of the hottest products of the season can be found only at Hallmark.

Soon it will be Easter and apart from food and celebrations, you can surprise a little someone with a gift that will get them laughing over and over again! My son has never had a hen as a toy or a stuffed animal. So the moment he saw Mama Hen, he held it so gently and warmly.

Here's from Hallmark to you..

 It comes with battery, so you can enjoy it right away. Seriously, this Mama Hen is one heck of a hilarious singer, dancer and lays the most colorful eggs! She is a pale yellow with colorful dots and dons a perfectly tied scarf to give her the mature, protective mama look. 

My son enjoys it thoroughly and dances with the hen. All you do is drop the eggs in the little hole underneath the scarf and switch it on by pressing gently on her soft wings.

 This is a great source of fun for this season and while we wait for summer to visit the farm, we will enjoy this hen at home! Totally adorable. My boy who plays it rough, was all warm and cuddly with his hen!

You can buy this Squawkin'-Egg Droppin' Hen from Hallmark for $30.95 or $15.95 with purchase of three cards.

Disclosure: I received a sample for review purpose only. No monetary compensation was received. The above post reflects my personal opinion.


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We have one in Massachusetts and we love it too!!

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