Winners of the giveaway ended on 11/30!

I thought I would be sweating after having to go through a huge list of entries. Rafflecopter saved my life and made it easy and did everything for me! So here you go...

Lindsay Phillips Snap Shoes - Anne-Marie T 

Logitech Wireless Mouse - Soozle 

Magic Cabin - Edelis  

Savvy Cents -  missbobloblaw  

Ozeri Kandle - SweetPanda 

Kahla German Porcelain -  Elaine Lund 

Community Coffee - Emma  benjifiliso

Ozeri Artisan Glasses - Doris Calvert 

Book: I'm like you, your'e like me - angela m flower_child_23

Congratulations winners! I will be emailing you soon- please check your spam mail so that you do not miss out on your prize.


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