Treat yourself and help the Breakfast Club of Canada

I crave for chocolates often. A lot . Thankfully my waistline doesn't expand all that much! Maybe because I eat "dark chocolate". Love them! My son likes to eat them too since he sees mommy and daddy enjoying them. Chocolate love aside, onto the "helpful" side of this post.

I have heard a lot about the Breakfast Clubs of Canada. They provide organisations with grants to support a breakfast program for school children. Fully bellies helps children pay more attention in class and score higher grades. It is sad that some kids lack the love or support of parents due to unfortunate events and so they go to school without a healthy breakfast. But the good part is that, Breakfast Clubs of Canada is doing something about it.

If you would like to give towards this program and show your support, please consider buying their cute little tins with organic fair-trade chocolates in 3 different flavours. I shared some of the delicious treats with my son's daycare teachers on Halloween. They were tired with seeing candy all day and really appreciated the healthy treat.

The flavours are different and they are not bitter just like some people imagine them to be. You can also taste some orange chunks and cranberries as they melt in your mouth!

 For the holiday season, why not chose these tins as stocking stuffers or a thoughtful gift for the teacher or a friend? 

Where can you buy them?

 They are going to be sold across Canada at the National Banks from Nov. 28 to the end of Dec. 

What is the cost of 1 tin?

They are $5 dollars and proceeds go to help support school breakfast programs.

This will really help make a difference in the lives of children we may not even know. 

Disclaimer: I received the above product for review purpose. No monetary compensation was received.


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