Christmas Gift Guide: Lindsay Phillips Snap Shoes ( R+G) 11/30 ( US / CAN)

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How do I start to introduce a product that was born out a high-school art project? I will try to word it - EXCEPTIONAL. There we go!

Young entrepreneurs are full of fresh ideas and Lindsay Phillips was one such successful entrepreneur who perfected her skills and design and went on to create something that women of all ages would LOVE!   It is an exceptional idea that has given birth to quality, style , innovation and if you thought all of those came with a really HUGE price tag, NO! To me, that's what makes this product stand out from the rest.

Let me present to you the very pretty Snap Shoes that I got to review from Lindsay Phillips. They are not just ordinary shoes.They are by far the best shoes I have come across that you can slide on to work or wear it while you shop till you drop!

You can buy one shoe and rock them in 3 stylish ways. I have always walked past the flat ballet shoes without even trying them. But the shoes I was sent was very good quality and I love them first for the comfort they offer. My feet feel pampered in them! I am a great fan of flat shoes due to leg pain and this is so nice to walk-in and they look absolutely GORGEOUS!

This is 1 shoe in black. But here are the different ways in which they can be worn.
Style 1

Style 2
Style 3

 The snap on accessories come in a beautiful box with buttons that are a breeze to attach and detach.

The shoes have a little button to which you can snap on the beautiful snaps, nobody will ever know that you are wearing the same shoe!

Believe me, women would love,love, LOVE to own a pair of these amazing Snap Shoes. There are various types of shoes and sandals available at Lindsay Phillips and you could mix and match them with the snaps without having to buy another pair. Size was perfect ! 

Can't help but show you the flat ballet shoes again ! This is a must-have if you love leopard print.

I would sport these dainty-darlings for an evening with friends or a dinner. And just snap on a new snap to match your different outfits and occasions!

You can buy the shoes from as low as $24.99 and the snaps are affordably priced from $12 onwards.

This will be a beautiful gift for a woman and there is a elegance combined with good value for money.  

I would mostly buy it for the top 4 reasons that I find convincing enough :

* Comfort that obviously comes from the quality.

* Stylish for a fashionista and also subtle for those who like to keep it simple yet shimmery.

* Saves space of keeping 3 shoes. Instead 1 pair of shoes + a few inches of space for the snaps. 

* Total cost of 1 shoe ( comes with a snap) + 1 snap < Total cost of 2 shoes. Notice some savings there?

These are just great holiday gifts and they look so darn pretty. Check out the Gifts section to see what they have to offer. There is also a good selection of bags, scarves and kids ballet shoes too.

You have a chance to win a pair of Flat Ballet Shoes with Snaps from Lindsay Phillips!

Disclaimer: I received a sample for review purpose only. No monetary compensation was received. The above post reflects my personal opinion.


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