Christmas Gift Guide: Design N Doodle Set from Patch Products ( R+G) 12/15 ( US/CAN)

I have been searching for inexpensive games for my son that can be carried easily in the car, stroller or just in his backpack. It was such a delight to review a Design N Doodle Set from Patch Products.

Patch Products carries some very affordable games that are created by their talented staff who continuously explore new ways of adding fun into our lives by their games, puzzles and toys.  Here are some fun but interesting facts about the puzzles from Patch Products:

- Patch has sold over 107 million puzzles. That's over 1.7 billion puzzle pieces
-If you tried to assemble all 107 million Patch puzzles and averaged 1 minute per puzzle (which would be really fast), it would take you over 204 years!-If you lay all the Patch puzzles end to end, they would reach over 95% of the way around the world. (That's over
23,600 miles long!)-You could fill 76 large backyard pools with the amount of glue used to make all of the puzzles Patch has sold.-The puzzles laid end to end would cross 416,786 football fields!
-Stacking all of the puzzle pieces on top of one another would create a stack almost 8 times higher than the space shuttle orbits.
Design ‘N’ Doodle combines two activities in one─imaginative magnetic play and expressive drawing with dry-erase! Each set includes a colorful 2-sided 14" x 9" play surface that folds up and has a handle for travel. It can also be set up as an easel! Kids can use the dry-erase markers to draw on the scenes, or to color the magnets. It’s a fun, creative activity for kids to play with again and again! 

Ages 3 & Up


24 Magnetic Animal Pieces, 70 Magnetic Letters, 4 Washable Dry-Erase Markers, 2-Sided Magnetic Dry-Erase Play Area

 It is a magnetic board that is very light and has a round white velcro which helps it keep closed. Magnetic stickers and letters come along with the kit. There is a little space where the washable markers can be kept after use. 

There is no right or wrong way to use this! We used the animals to make our own story and it was interesting when I let my son develop the story along the way. I should do it more often with him to expand and use his powers of imagination more. When he is using it by himself, he is usually scribbling with the markers and erasing them. It is a simple but powerful tool for a parent to spend time with their child while helping them learn.

I love it as we can just take it with us in the car or bus and talk about it endlessly! It will make a great gift this holiday season. Most toys and games on Patch Products are very reasonably priced.

Buy it:
Design N Doodle retails for $9.99 and you can find more puzzles for the same price!

Win it:
One lucky reader will have the chance to win this Design N Doodle, right here on my blog!

Disclaimer: Thanks to the sponsor for providing me with the featured product for review. No momentary compensation was provided.Opinions are my own.


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