Review: Squinkies Surprize for boys!

I received a surprise box and it was BIG. When we opened it, it was packed with little surprises for boys. It was Squinkies for boys! OMG, was my little boy so happy? He prefers to call the little characters "robots" . He went on to arrange them all neatly in a line and isolate all the "non-robot" looking Squnkies. From the pictures, you can see why he calls them robots!

Squinkies are really tiny and squishy. But my son never did try to taste them or chew a head off. He just knew they were meant to be "robots". We received many varieties to sample and the most loved one was the one with the "CARS" theme.

There were also some fun sets that came with a little car, spaceship and a tanker. You can stick the Squinkies in the car and make it look like they are cool drivers.

This is the Space Ride where an astronaut Squinkie takes his place and shoots up in the air! You can come up with your own new games with the little toys. 

I am happy to see my son playing with Squinkies and he loves his collection. Personally, I would buy the CARS and Hot Wheels collections as they look friendly, adorable and cute as opposed to the little figures with guns and skulls. The Mack Truck definitely is on a wish list for Christmas!

If you want to check the prices of Squinkies, just go over to and you will find all the Squinkies there. They are very affordable and you can use them as little rewards like I did. My son was only beaming with excitement every time he got to add a few more to his collection.

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Disclosure: Thanks to Squinkies for sending me the featured products for review. All opinions here are my own.


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