A stroll through eBeanstalk

Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed shopping. Especially when I have to search the entire floor or browse a website trying to locate something. I do not expect brands to know what exactly I have in my mind, but at least I expect them to know it in a broader form. It helps a lot when I can easily narrow down my search options to find exactly what I want. Saves me time and I am more likely to return to shop there.

That being said about my general shopping expectations, I recently started getting very comfortable shopping online. No need to dress up or drive and put up with my son's meltdowns when he doesn't get all those toys he saw in the shelf.  A shopping trip that started out on a happy note would have ended on a teary note.

To make things easier and better, I found a  great online shopping spot at eBeanstalk, where experts choose toys to match a child's age and development. There, half the work is done! As much as I love to research on what would be the best toy, sometimes I do not have the time. A toy for a baby can be a delightful gift and eBeanstalk has a great variety of choices. I would recommend eBeanstalk for baby toys as it is important to find good toys that will stimulate infant's growth and development.

I love the way they take me around in their website. Imagine an invisible salesperson waiting virtually to help you with your shopping needs.That is exactly the experience you will have!  The website has the toys categorized and listed according to the age of the child. You can also find toys by categories according to the interests of a child. Without looking further, I would go straight to cars & trucks!

eBeanstalk also has some really cool, fun toys ! I really liked their outdoor  &  sports toys collection. A lot of thought has been put into the categorization under "Developmental Toy Categories". I could see myself looking for toys under these divisions.

My favorite toy that I will consider buying for my son would be the Little Doctor Kit for $20.99.
So, go over and take a look at what is in store at eBeanstalk! I bet you will be one happy shopper!

( Disclaimer: I have not received any products for review nor have I been monetarily compensated for this post. )


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