SORRY! Sliders Disney Pixar Cars 2 Edition (R+G)

This is another fun and exciting game for a broad range of players. I have a wide grin just like that grin you see on Hasbro's logo, every time I see a child enjoy a good game! What better time than for a family to sit together to play and laugh, it is priceless.
Race your friends your own cool racetracks! Rev through Radiator Springs, tear through Tokyo, power through Porta Corsa and rip through London. But watch out! Oil slicks, traffic cones and radiation zones make it a bumpy ride to victory. It’s time to put your sliders skills into top gear! 

Contents: Track pieces, Barriers, 4 racers, Assorted obstacles, Lap counter tokens, Mater token, Sticker sheet, Game guide. 

Set-up for this Sliders game is easy and this game is just right even for a 5 yr old. We played it with a friend's son who visited us and he was only 5. You can even leave out the scoring and let you child do the counting.My 3 yr old loved the counting part and helped count. It encourages a deep involvement right from their mind. Make it as entertaining and educational as possible!
It  comes in a nice box as the tracks have to be put away safely. No fun without the tracks! If you have played the original Sliders game, this is will be a new experience with Cars theme. It helps children to follow simple rules and taking turns to race their sliders while paying attention to the obstacles on the way.When 4 laps are over, the big race begins. The one who finishes first is the winner!

We did not have the previous Sliders game and this first try was quite enjoyable. Once Cars 2 is out, your kids are going to be begging you for these games! Or you can try to win this for them !

(Open to residents of Canada only)

Prize pack worth almost $300 and still adding!

You will have the chance to win a mega toddler prize pack which will include this SORRY! Sliders Disney Pixar Cars 2 Edition.

(Disclaimer: Thanks to Hasbro Canada and the PR company for sending me the featured product for review purpose. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.)


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