Scholastic Storybook Treasures DVD series ( R+G)

Scholastic has released some wonderful Children's DVD Series called the Storybook Treasures. It is an entertaining way to kindle interest in reading and also listening. I was sent a pack of 3 DVDs featuring:

Each DVD contains 5 stories and they are short enough for the attention time for children. 

The narrator has an appealing voice and sounds dramatic for the story, which makes a lot of difference. 

I think there could be some improvement in illustrations. Some stories like the Napping House appear too blue because of all the pale blue colors used to define the theme of the story. I think illustrations should be vibrant and make the characters stand out from the background. In some stories, illustrations fade away as the colors are not lively.The Story about Ping was my son's favorite as it looked more like a real storybook with the bright yellow duck. So I thought the way in which colors are played with certainly have an impact on children's mind and how they perceive something as interesting or boring.

I will certainly commend the appearance of text on the screen and the way in which it gets highlighted as the story proceeds. The intention of the DVD is partly to encourage reading skills and the words that appear in readable size on the screen will definitely contribute in achieving that goal. 

It is well worth the money as it is excellent quality material in the form of DVD with simple, silly, funny and interesting story lines. It will also help an older sibling learn story-telling skills which is great as they can read for an younger sibling or narrate their own imaginative stories.

Great gift and will be well appreciated by children and parents alike. You can order the 3 pack DVD set  from Newkideo for $24.95

(Open to residents of Canada only)

Prize pack worth almost $300 !

You will have the chance to win a mega toddler prize pack which will include this Scholastic 3 DVD set.

(Disclaimer: Thanks to Scholastic and the PR company for sending me the featured product for review purpose. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.)


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