10 Things NOT to Put in Your Personal Blog

So, I have had this conversation with hubby many times and we agree on what Pamela S Stevens has to say on TopTen Reviews. I wanted to create a post with my own thoughts on this topic but I have procrastinated it so much that I decided to google for it and found a short but crisp article at TopTen Reviews

If your blog or journal is posted for “Everyone,” meaning that anyone can look at it, you should hold back identifiable information. 

Here are 10 things to never put in your personal blog:
  • 1. Your full name.
  • 2. Your kids, friends or family member’s full names.
  • 3. Where you work.
  • 4. Where you live.
  • 5. Telephone or cell number.
  • 6. Personal email address.
  • 7. Where you will be and when you will be there.
  • 8. Pictures of where you live or work that include identifiable information.
  • 9. Pictures of your car that show the license plate number.
  • 10. Travel Itinerary.
If you hold back identifiable information you can be assured that most of your thoughts are safe to share. If you are not concerned with generating traffic to your blog, just write and don’t worry about whether it is going to be read, linked to or even liked. However, even if your blog is set to “Protected,” meaning only certain people can read it, you still need to be careful about writing content that may come back to haunt you later. 

If you really just want to write and not worry about sharing, set your blog to private, and keep your posts to yourself. Either way, public or private, blogging can be fun, cathartic and informative. 

Going by my gut feeling, I have somehow managed to follow these pointers unconsciously. I blog for fun and love to try new products. Last thing I want is my blog to become a burden to me! Despite being extremely cautious, we have experienced identity fraud and thankfully it wasn't damaging. I also prefer not to post any of my personal pictures which has "people" in it in the world wide web which provides easy access to my pictures. 

If I want to share my travel experience, I will make a post on it "after" my trip. I am sure it is very much possible to write a review without including too much details on the date and day I was out of my home.

If you really want to share personal details on your blog, there is an option to make your blog private whereby you choose your readers. I have not yet tried that, but I am aware that it is possible to do that. If I want to share with my family about my experience on something that I am going through, I will make a private blog.

Last but not the least, some bloggers are just fine with sharing many details from their life on their public blog. There are many options available and whatever works the best for you to express what you want to express, is the way to go!
I would love to hear what fellow bloggers think about this topic!


The Desert Rocks said...

Good suggestions!

Kimberly said...

Yes never divulge anything that can give away your full identity. I have never given out my sons name ;)

Susanmeep said...

this is great info! Thanks for the follow, I am already a follower


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