Winners !

Sorry that I had to close the contest a few hours early. I have limited availability of the laptop and had to make the best use of it until I get my Mac back.So..

Congratulations Winners !

Karmin Flat Iron - Tirza @ Canadian Mommy Giveaways said... 6

Hasbro's Elefun Game - Michelle said... 22 

Hope to post some of  the reviews and giveaways this weekend ;) 
Have a wonderful weekend !


S. Greiner said...

Just stopping by from Always Just A Mom! I'm now one of your followers too!

Have a great weekend!

Michelle said...

That would be me! Yay! :)

Tirza @ Canadian Mommy Giveaways said...

Just saw this announcement! Yay! Thanks for the great giveaway. :o)

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