Blogstatic Extravaganza:Rock N Learn: Money & Making Change ( R+G)

"Money, Money, Money, It's a rich man's world ! " - Well if you gotta be rich, you should learn how not to loose money. Learning to make change with the correct amount is essential. Teaching these concepts to children will help them gain more confidence and also save money from a young age.
I love the way Rock N Learn rocks educational concepts with songs and music. In this DVD,  Penny and Bill make money and teach your little ones about making change.
Really cool songs and games are a great way to take a peek into the real world.Children can also learn about coins and dollar bills, counting cash, expressing money in written units and lots more learning.
Penny and Bill learn how to recognize coins, a little about the history of money, why coins and bills are starting to look different, and much more. They learn strategies for sorting coins and cash and use "skip counting" to find out exactly how much money they have.
 Penny and Bill also pretend to buy things at a garage sale which the children can really relate to.At the end of the video, there is a big concert and someone special joins Penny and Bill, right in the front!
This video is for ages 6 and up and my son was too young to understand it. But I enjoyed it and definitely Rock N Learn will a tool in his path of learning.
You can buy it from Rock N Learn  for $19.99.

Thanks to Rock N Learn, one lucky reader will have the opportunity to win a Rock N Learn: Money & Making Change DVD valued at $19.99 !
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