Review: Sidral Mundet - Naturally refreshing

Summer is one of the times, we all go through drinking plenty of liquid. It is especially important for children to stay well-hydrated. We always carry a bottle of water, yogurt and 100% fruit juice for Noddy boy. At our home, we chose to not to buy any artificially sweetened or carbonated drinks. Hubby has soft drinks while we eat out but we do not stock them up at home.This one is
" non-negotiable"
. Noddy Boy has never seen soda cans in our fridge nor does mommy let him have one from the vending machine at the mall.

Having said this, i want to introduce you to you, a natural drink from Mexico , Sidral Mundet. When I was asked to review this drink, the first thing i noticed was it was carbonated, so i jumped the gun and thought, this was just another can of sweetened, carbonated, artificially flavored beverage. After all, most drinks in the market are carbonated and artificially sweetened! But, i was wrong about this one !

This is a special one, mis amigos ! It came well packed and i was surprised to find glass bottles that were in-tact and not broken! I also received a tote bag in green.

Made in Mexico, this apple flavored soft drink is popular for it's great taste which comes from real apples and not artificial flavors ( what a relief! ). It is sweetened with Natural Sugar.

Here's some food for thought about Natural and Artificial sugars:
  • Natural sugars are sweets which prevail in Nature, for instance, in honey, fruits, vegetables, milk, etc. Artificial sugars are prepared, as a rule, from natural sugars by means of extraction and concentration.
  • Natural sugars are directly and effectually digested, absorbed and assimilated and become oxidized through a process of combustion. Artificial, sugars, like cane, beet, corn and maple, must be converted before ingestion.
  • Natural sugars transform in the system into beneficial natural acids instead of into harmful acids which are created by the so-called refined products.

"Once in a bottle, Sidral Mundet undergoes a pasteurization process which consists of passing sealed bottles through a series of water curtains at different temperature levels, eliminating any fermentation, fungus, or bacteria.Sidral Mundet has always been pasteurized since it was originally bottled in 1902. Pasteurization makes Mundet a soft drink free of any alteration or deterioration, preserving at the same time its refreshing flavor and nutritional qualities."

So clean and refreshing, Mexican mothers trusted it and would give their children Sidral Mundet when they had upset stomachs to provide hydration and still today Sidral Mundet is used among grownups when dealing with a stomach ache.

We got to try Mundet's newly introduced flavor Green Apple, tangy and refreshing also made with apple as a flavoring. We had this with ice on a hot summer evening. Healthy and clearly refreshing! Totally kids friendly! I have to check the Mexican stores or restaurants to have more of Sidral Mundet.

I loved the Green Apple flavor and i absolutely did not mind my son taking sips from the bottle. I wish restaurants sold Sidral Mundet as i would be happy to have this along with my food and not be hesitant to offer my son.

- Pasteurized

- Approved by mothers a source of hydration for sick children ( I remember my mom giving me plain soda when my tummy was all rumbling, it does provide some relief )

- Great alternative to unhealthy cold drinks.

- You taste more of the flavor of apple and not sugar.

I don't need more reasons to be convinced to go get more, Am i sold here ?

( Disclaimer: I was provided with the product for review purpose. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. All opinions expressed here are my own.)


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This drink sounds intriguing. I just may have to check it out. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

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