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Elegance and vibrancy captured on a plate. The name is "Corelle". With Corelle, you can dine in style, right at home, everyday. Corelle's definition of style definitely makes food more inviting and sets the perfect ambiance for a delectable meal at home, making it sumptuous !

Doesn't matter how you cooked it, but with Corelle, you can serve it in style! Endless possibilities to proudly set your table and be the perfect host ! Corelle has such lively colours that can not only light up and brighten any table, but also the faces at the table :) So, put it out there!

Bakeware, Dinnerware sets & collections, Kitchen containers, jars & Canisters, Everyday drinkware, Plates, Mugs, tea Kettles, Hot Pots...the list goes on to meet all your kitchen needs!

This 5 Piece Casserole Set in Pretty Pink was a love at first sight!

" Each piece of Corelle glass dinnerware is like a sandwich, consisting of two different glass compositions (core and glaze). The lamination results in glass dinnerware that exceeds the normal strength possible for any single glass composition. Put simply, lamination does for glass just what it does for wood. It yields a finished product that is much stronger than the individual components from which it is made."

I have seen and felt Corelle dinnerware and they are very sturdy and chip resistant. It has been on my wish list to own a dinnerware from Corelle. I am very happy to have found it at CSN and it is on sale price!
Stay tuned for a more detailed review on CSN Stores ! I betcha, you will be making your way to CSN Stores for those bold Corelle designs that will put a sparkle on your table !


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I really like the last one... too cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm your newest follower. Can't wait to read more. :-)


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