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Happy Friday, Ladies!

Hope you all had a blessed week and here's wishing you all a well-deserved and fun-filled weekend! I will follow back anyone who leaves a sweet comment on my blog :)

Welcome to all my new friends! Nice to meet y'al !


Kristi, Office Mgr. for Karyn Henley Resources said...

Saw your post on Blog Frog in the Mom Loop. Stopping by to say hi. Your little boy is precious. Hope he transitions well to daycare. Have a wonderful weekend.

Kristie said...

Your little boy is adorable. I remember when my son was 2...just had a birthday and he's 6 now! I can't believe it!

Take care and have a safe weekend. :)

Ria Thurston said...

Thank you for the super super sweet comment :) You are so kind!!

Lindsay said...

Visiting from Mom Loop! I can relate to your feelings with the daycare issue. I work P/T but did contemplate F/T for awhile. In the end, I couldn't do it but my son is only 15 months. As hard as it is, he will be making new discoveries and gains and it sounds like you chose a great place. Hope it gets better! :)

Rachel said...

I love follow fridays and am stopping in from the blog hop going on at Mom Loop! Thanks for joining in the fun!

Heather said...

Great blog! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

SAPsMaMa said...

I'm glad I'll be able to help you out with green tips etc., always great to know my blog is helpful! :)

Following you back from Friday Follow! Thanks so much for following SAPsMaMa: Natural Parenting in the Modern World!

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