New to Blogville?

If yes, i think following some of these might help you and your visitors save a lot of time dealing with clutter and i promise you'll have more time to post interesting content and making new friends.

I am making my way through the beautiful city of Blogville and only discovered a few streets so far as i tend to wander into the crescents and end up there for a while before i make my way out :) In my adventure so far, i realized that Blogville is a nice, multi-cultural place, always buzzing with activity and thickly populated !! But there's always place for a million more! Blogville is technically- magical :) I found it very engaging to be reading posts at Blogville posted by people from different ethnicity. At least i always find something of interest to me. So, i was contemplating becoming a resident of Blogville so that i can be more participative in the buzz. So i bought myself a "Blog Spot" - a place that looks small but magically keeps expanding as you move forward. Isn't that amazing?

In your Blog Spot, wherever you set foot, that Spot will be yours. Yes, somewhat like God's promise to Moses!

Now that i had a Spot in Blogville, I wanted to make friends and invite them over for tea and make some bridges to stay in touch.I built a "Special lounge" for my visitors. Mind you, most of Blogville residents are tech savvy due to the availability of the latest technology called "Social Media". But they are always willing to help you if you need to ask a "how to", so that you can be an effective communicator too :)

So today i decided to test & review the effectiveness of my tech tools i use at my Blog Spot. During the walk through i learned some valuable lessons that will be useful for a new blogger and pro-bloggers.

Google Friend Connect ( GFC):
  • A must have, to meet and accept new friends. In your search bar, type " Google Friend Connect" and you will get the link.You can customize it and copy the HTML code on your blog.
Facebook & Twitter Buttons:
  • Consider having a facebook & twitter account and link it to your blog.It is a valuable networking tool ( I tried to do some networking and discovered some bloggers did not have the networking buttons)
  • Check how many facebook & twitter buttons you have on your page.
  • You need only 2 buttons - one, for your friends to follow you on facebook & twitter and second to "share" your post content on facebook & twitter.
  • If you have too many widgets with facebook and twitter icons, it will confuse your reader and you will be wasting their precious time.They have to click all the buttons till they find out the one where they can "like " or "follow" you.
  • Make sure that you choose small buttons so that you can place them on top of your page, making it easier for your reader to find it. If it is somewhere down in the middle of all your real estate, it is hard to find.
  • With so many styles & patterns for facebook & twitter, choose buttons that have relevance : Eg, the sign "t" or "the bird" or "follow me"for a twitter button. This will enable any blogger to follow you instantly without further thoughts or searching.
  • Placement of GFC, facebook & twitter buttons, not too far from each other and parallel to "about me" is a good idea for easy connections. Placing a few lines in the "About Me" section right on the top will make your reader to be easily informed about your blog in a nutshell. A potential follower can read about you and then instantly follow you on all 3 places.
  • And finally. check if your buttons are linking you to your account.
The more effective you are in choosing and placing your networking buttons, the more real-estate you will have in your Blog Spot and it also means more space for interesting content.

The more easier you make it for readers to follow you, the more followers you will have on all your social networks.

On a final note, if you are newbie to blogging and have questions, i will be glad to help you

( Note: I found that the above helped to think from a reader's point of view. If some other way works or worked for you, that's great too! )


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm following you back! Toddlers are tough! LOL I hope you have some good tip! ;)

A 2 Z said...

Hi Esther,

Happy to meet you. I live in Kirkland. Love your blog and especially this post. Its full of sound advice. My RSS feeds do not work. Someone told me that sometimes they become infected. I tried to shut down everything and restart but they still do not work. Its not the end of the world. I used to have a steady base of readers but they think I have not posted anything new since April LOL. One day I will get to the bottom of it. In the meantime, hope you have a great weekend.


Erica K said...

helpful post thank you.

I'm following back. thank you for stopping by

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Hi! I'm your newest friday follower! Nice to 'meet' you!!! :)

I would love it if you looked around and followed me back!


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Thank-you. Great information. I am now following you from FRIDAY FOLLOW!

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Design It Chic said...

I am following you now thanks to Social Parade! It would be nice if you could share back the love on my blog! Also for more blog-handy tips check Technical Support! Happy Friday!

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Kelly's Lucky You said...

Hi! I'm stopping by from Friday Social Parade (last week) - I tend to explore blogs every day, not just Fridays.

I just switched my blog to WordPress, if you have time, take a peek and let me know what you think of my new design! Everything isn't finished but it's close, and my google friend connect is now there - (woo-hoo kinda fun not to type the "blogspot"). If you want to see the before-and-after, the before is I hope you'll follow me back!

Anonymous said...

I'm following back! Couldn't get this to post on the most recent post though!

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