Chocolate ? Yes please. More chocolate ? No thanks.

I love chocolates. Though I do not eat it everyday I do appreciate chocolate every time I see someone eat it or pass by the chocolate aisle.  Now to have chocolate in the form of cereal every morning is totally another thing!

Kelloggs Krave is the latest sweet sensation from Kelloggs. It's crunchy, sweet, just the right size to bite into.We loved the chocolate flavored cereal and it even makes a good dry snack. But the double chocolate was not loved as much. We couldn't take in the doubly sweet cereal more than a few bites. The calories seem to be the same but I don't know why one is sweeter than the other ! The double chocolate cereal is still sitting more than half-full while the chocolate cereal did the "all-done" dance a week ago.

 I would have loved it if Kelloggs had come up with a "dark chocolate" version instead of "double chocolate". Bring it on Kelloggs, dark chocolate lovers will love it ! Considering the health benefits of dark chocolates, there is a huge chunk of clientele who would appreciate a healthier option.

Another product that has been recently introduced is the low fat granola. After having a spoonful of this, I realized how sugar-laden my previous one was. My son loves this as a dry snack and with yogurt. This is a great addition to Kelloggs multi-grain cereals.

Granola is rich is grains, almonds and you can always add more spices, nuts to make it more flavorful and tasty. Five shinning stars for this low fat granola!

These bars have a different texture to them when compared to the normal cereal bars. These are soft ( don't ask me why they are called crisps!) and have a filling inside. I liked the chocolate filling.The cinnamon brown sugar filling was too sweet when compared with the soft shell surrounding it. Two of these bars provide 100 calories and that's makes it a great snack option. 

Of all the products listed above, I am sure that you will love the granola and I would recommend it to my family and friends !

Disclosure: I received a sample for review purpose only. No monetary compensation was received. The above post reflects my personal opinion.



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