A Hasbro Review : Spider-Man fan for life !

There was a little boy who always sneaked out at lunch-time, study-time and nap-time just to get a dose of his weekly favorite show. Nothing could stop him from watching his hero jump past buildings and shoot webs to capture the trouble-makers. That little boy is 30+ today and he still buys Spider-Man DVDs.

You'll now understand if I tell you that I sense some super-powers in my son. How else can he climb on the bathtub, jump on to the closed toilet seat, climb on the flush tank, make it on to the sink and open the closet way high up on the wall to check out dad's aftershave, jump off AND walk away without a scratch? It does take some super-power to do all that quietly ?!

With increasing numbers of such activities at home that closely resemble Spider-Man's jumps, I knew what my son, hubby, son would love for his birthday. Here's the gift waiting to be opened!

The findings reveal that there was way too much fun packed in this box! He had an adventurous day filled with energy and fun. 

Boys of ALL ages can just wear this "Hero Mask" , to feel like a Hero. The mask is quite big and sturdy, so it will be around for a long time.

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Mega Blaster Web Shooter With Glove Set

 This is the ultimate experience for Spider-Man fans. No batteries needed. Release your super-powers and shoot webs with the web fluid.It makes sort of long lines which gives it a haunted look when sprayed on things! It also comes with another can which can be filled with water and sprayed.

 Web shooter comes with 1 can of web fluid, 1 refillable water cartridge and 1 glove. For $25, it was great fun and more fun can be had with the water cartridge.

These action figures travel with us in the stroller, car and bags. I have to take care that they do not jump out as a certain little person will be very sad without them.

Spider-Man still remains to be one of hubby's favorite characters even today. Such is the spell that Spider-Man can weave and all the little boys who fell in it remain Spider-Man fans for life. 

Disclosure: I received a sample for review purpose only. No monetary compensation was received. The above post reflects my personal opinion.



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