New and natural - Orajel Natural Source Homeopathic Remedy Teething Gel

 I very well remember those bulky little swollen gums and incessant periods of screaming. My precious bundle would get annoyed at the drop of the hat! It was like he was telling me " Something is poking my gums so bad that I feel like BITING you and you are telling me not to chew the crib railing?? You crazy woman!" . 

Yes, as a new mommy, it was equally hard for me to find what teething pains were and I tried my best to keep my baby comfortable. There are several home remedies that I came across and have tried almost everything. Here are some dentist recommended tips:

Cold, Frozen Washcloths – tie the washcloth into knots as some babies enjoy the hardness. Try out different degrees of coldness for each baby.

Ice Cube and Slushy Remedy – choose either water, breast milk or chamomile tea to
freeze. The frozen sensation will help ease the pain of teething.

Plush Chew Toys – a fun, colourful and bright chew toy will engage your baby and
possibly distract from the pain of teething.

Your Finger – one’s finger is a chew toy that is never too far away. Always remember to
clean your finger prior to providing it as a chew toy.

Cold Fruit or Vegetables – use re-usable tea bags to package frozen carrots or bananas cut into a size that is too large for a baby to place into their mouths. Ensure the tea bag strings are cut off as longer strings can represent a strangulation hazard for babies.

When nothing worked, my pediatrician recommended Orajel.There are different varieties available based on the need and diagnosis. But I remember using the normal strength. It gives a numbing sensation (I tried it before I applied it on my son) when applied on the gums and soothes the pain. It worked for my son and we have used Orajel on many occasions.

 Now there are more natural forms of relief available for teething pain. 

The new Orajel® Natural Source Homeopathic Remedy Teething Gel that offers effective pain  relief and is free of parabens, dye and sugar. Medicinal ingredients for the New Orajel® Natural Source Homeopathic Remedy Teething Gel include the homeopathic properties of Calcium Phosphate which supports dentition, Chamomilla (a whole flowering plant) which relieves
irritability and Coffea cruda (dried, unroasted seed) which helps ease wakefulness and dieresis.

I did not try the Orajel® Natural Source Homeopathic Remedy Teething Gel as my son is full of teeth now, but it sounds like a natural and safe product to use when needed.

Disclosure: I received a sample for review purpose only. No monetary compensation was received. The above post reflects my personal opinion.Please check with your pediatrician before administering  any medication for your child.



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