What did I choose from Wholesale Halloween Costumes?

It was a tough choice to make with so many cute costumes! 

An aspiring little fireman who wishes he was Lightning McQueen for a moment and quickly decides he is better off being a cop. Oh and that really cool garbage truck has struck a chord with my little one's brain. He wishes he could stand behind on the garbage truck like those big guys and hang on, going house to house. 

How can I choose that ONE costume for my boy that will make him feel great, look authentic and not compromise of quality by putting it to use  for a long time for pretend plays? 

That's when I stumbled on Wholesale Halloween Costumes.

We have a Junior Firefighter Costume and he wears it to the farmer''s market. The number of  compliments he has received is just countless. He absolutely LOVES it and wears it often. I will attest for the quality of the material and how comfortable it is.

Having a mommy who reviews a ton of stuff,  got him an intro with the mail man. My son thinks that the UPS man is such a kind hearted man to give him all the toys! He really, really likes the UPS delivery man.So I knew what to get him from Wholesale Halloween Costumes!

 It is the most comfortable outfit ! It is a 2 piece costume and made of very soft cotton. The cap is so original that it makes him not only feel like a UPS delivery man but looks just like one! Purpose served!

Wholesale Halloween Costumes has a wide variety of choices.  They have tons of cute toddler costumes. There will be one that will suit your child - be it Disney or an old classical look.

We like to encourage pretend plays and so look for interesting costumes all through the year. If you are like us, check them out at Wholesale Halloween Costumes.

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 Disclosure: I received a sample for review purpose only. No monetary compensation was received. The above post reflects my personal opinion.



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