SHARP In-Car use Air Purifier worth $149 ! ( R+G) 3/30 ( CAN only)

Winter is not completely over, but on the brighter side there are signs of spring! Woo-hoo!
Since last year, along with the arrival of spring, I seem to be greeted with bad allergies which leave my nose itchy and irritated. I thought I will never have allergies and I succumbed! 

I love the fresh air and love to keep my windows open in the car. But driving and scratching my nose non-stop - bad for me and other drivers on the road!

SHARP seems to offer a solution to my spring blues and help me enjoy it. This is something really awesome to use in your car - especially if you are allergic.

The Plasmacluster Ion Generator by SHARP uses a "high density Plasmacluster" technology.

To break the term into a simpler form - it simply means that this technology when used, releases positive and negative ions into the air in the form of small clusters. The cluster ions spread and diffuse into the air in your car and surround the airborne allergens, turning the allergens into harmless substances like water.

Plasmacluster ions are released at a 20 degree upwards angle and are carried along the ceiling of the car to every part of the interior by the Coanda effect.  Coanda effect: when a jet of air or water is discharged, it tends to travel along a nearby curved surface for a considerable distance, even to the point of bending around corners)

Benefits you will love:
  • The benefits of using the IGBC2UB in your car are eliminating unpleasant lingering odours like cigarette smoke, pet odours, removes musty car smells and airborne viruses.
  •    Neutralizes Mould, Bacteria and Odours Using Natural Ionization 

 Easy to use!
  • High and Low Mode Operation 
  • Long Life Plasmacluster Ion Generating Unit (up to 19,000 hours)
  • Low Power Consumption (1.3W in Low Mode)
  • 12V car adapter is enclosed for easy connection
  • Simple One‐touch Operation
  • Stylish Design  
  •  Fits into a car cup holder

  •  When I told hubby about it, he thought that it was just another addition to the list of things that go in the car. But when it arrived, we saw that it was so compact! Just like a coffee travel mug ( no spills here!) and an adapter to go with it.

    Every time you want to use it, you remove the flat filter located at the back and find the plug-in. Then just plug in one end to your purifier and there is a really tiny hole or space on the right side through which you can bring the wire out and snap the filter back in place. Connect the other end to the car and the unit is all set! 
    The performance of this unit is wonderful and I can sense  freshness in the car as opposed to stale air. I am sure we will love it more and enjoy it to the fullest in spring/summer.

    The replacement of the Plasmacluster ion generating unit is recommended after 17,500 hours of operation (around 6 years when operating 8 hours a day).

    I think it will last us more than that given our frequency of usage. I am not in the car for 8 hrs a day. For people who drive a lot or have jobs that require them to drive for most part of their day, this will be a perfect match.
 Sturdy build, lasting performance, exceptional quality and stylish design and fit makes it an all-rounder! If you need some clean air in your car, I say "go for it!"

Buy it: Available at many retailers. Future Shop sells it for $149 

Win it: Thanks to SHARP, one lucky Canadian reader will have the chance to win a 
a Rafflecopter giveaway  
Disclosure: I received a sample for review purpose only. No monetary compensation  was received. The above post reflects my personal opinion.


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