Whiskers - The Dirt Devil Robotic Vacuum

The days, when I think my 2 hands aren't sufficient to get everything done are soon to be a thing of the past. 

In 2012,

I will be blogging when somebody else cleans the floor.

I will read a book with a cup of hot tea while somebody else cleans the floor.

I will laugh when hubby spills coffee powder on the floor because I won't be cleaning it.

And when my son thinks it is ok to walk around at home with snow boots, I will take a nice , deep breath and SMILE!

Wondering where I mustered all this courage? Someone with a very helpful pair of whiskers,  a quiet personality, round yet light and who also is a robot, arrived at my home yesterday.
The fab folks at Dirt Devil sent me over this little baby to try . When the delivery man handed me the box, I gave Whiskers a great big hug and unpacked right away. Within a few minutes into our home ( hardly anything to set-up!), Whiskers is giving the dust bunnies a run for their lives! 

So who or what is Whiskers?

Whiskers™ the Dirt Devil® Robotic Vacuum dusts, sweeps and vacuums hard floors at the touch of a button. Simply place in an enclosed area, switch it on, and it does the cleaning for you. The hands-free, hardworking robot thoroughly dusts, sweeps and vacuums tile, linoleum, and wood flooring with ease. The sleek design allows Whiskers™ to move under furniture, beds and around obstacles. Cleaning is maximized through three automatic and continuous cleaning patterns. First moves into a random pattern, then spiral, and finally along the wall pattern to effectively clean your home. Watch the video instruction guide to learn more!

  • Ideal Hard Floor Cleaner

  • Intuitive and Easy to Use

  • Dual Edge Cleaning Bristles

  • Dusting Cloth and Holder

  • Straight Channel Suction

  • Step Avoidance Protection

  • Rinsable Filter

  • Long Battery Life

  • 50-Minute Run Time

  • Low Profile Design

  • Quiet Operation

  • What do I think about this robotic vacuum? Is it doing the job? Is it doing a good job? I 

    will be putting Whiskers to test this week. This robotic vacuum will be facing a tough  

    challenge to prove itself. 

    I look forward to share with you  in detail about the performance of Whiskers!

    Disclaimer: I received a sample for review purpose only. No monetary compensation  
                                  was received. The above post reflects my personal opinion


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