Pamper yourself with Chocomania! At Bodyshop from Feb 6, 2012 ( + A Sweet Giveaway!) 2/10 ( CANADA only)

( I decided to write this post all in brown to show how chocolatey I feel, read on to find out.)

Love is in the air! Shops filled with red hearts and messages that melt your heart.

Hard to pick something for the one you love, when there are a gazillion options. One thing I am sure everyone will give is a box of chocolates. Not many can say no to chocolates.

I know of a little, delicious something that looks and smells exactly like chocolate. You can give this to everyone as it is very good and not bad for health. You maybe tempted to eat it . I understand why as I just stepped out of my bath after papering myself with some of these yummy smelling stuff. 

My bathroom smells like a chocolate factory! My 3.5 yr old's face said it all when he stepped into the bathroom filled with the rich chocolate smell ! "Mommy, what are you doing here?" He must have thought I was secretly eating chocolates in the bathroom! I gave him a bath with the heart-shaped soap to convince him that it was truly a soap.  

                                                                   Chocoholics, beware!

Inside every pot is an exclusive formula of 12 Community Fair Trade Ingredients from around the world - making this the most lavish Body Butter from The Body Shop to date. 

The Chocomania collection from Body Shop has the most delicious aroma and is not overpowering.

I had the chance to try the soap, body scrub and the body lotion. 

The soap has awesome moisturizing properties and the little exfoliants are a great way to cleanse your skin. I truly loved the way I smelled and felt after using this! It is priced at $4.

The chocolate body scrub that has cocoa butter, Brazil nut oil, soy oil and sugar, leaves your skin feeling completely clean, nourished and soft. The exfoliants melt as you scrub them on your skin. It is a GREAT choice if you have dry skin as I found that it moisturizes RICHLY with all the natural oils that are present in it. I am in love with this. It is priced at 200 ml $18/ 50 ml $6.

The body lotion is a rich, creamy  moisturizer with a texture like silky, smooth mayonnaise. My 3 yr old asked me if I was putting mayonnaise on my skin! It smells like chocolate but it is delicate and leaves a refreshing smell and feeling. It is priced at  250 ml $12 / 60 ml $4.

Since I have mentioned chocolate everywhere, I want to emphasize that it smells like chocolate but  not in a overpowering way. I stay away from strong aromas but I absolutely enjoy this smell. My son, often runs to the bathroom to smell it and says "this smells delicious".  It has to be some chocolate for him to say that!

Exceptional quality and smell! Check out your local Body Shop or make sure to find Chocomania online at The Body Shop starting February 6th! Great Valentine's Day gift!

A big thanks to The Body Shop for sponsoring a sweet giveaway ! One lucky Canadian reader will win this gift set! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway  Disclosure: I received a sample for review purpose only. No monetary compensation  was received. The above post reflects my personal opinion.


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Ohhhh... Want this so bad!! Can smell the luxury chocolate by looking at it! @dreamfishing

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It sure feels luxurious!

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When I saw this contest my "heart" just skipped beats. I couldn't have found a better giveaway in the world tonight. My sister turns 40 on March 1st, she is my youngest sister and ever since she was a young girl - chocolate was her secret friend lol. As any milestone in life, she is having a hard time with the "40th", so this surprise package would be a gentle way to ease her into that acceptance with her long time best buddy (chocolate) lol. Hopefully that my wish for her is granted. Love you sis, from E.

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