Hugs & Kisses God: From Kids Around the World ( R+G) 1/31 ( US/ CAN)

Hugs and Kisses is a fun-filled, interactive lift-the-flap book that will delight children and help them appreciate God.


Read the rhymes, lift the flaps, and let little ones discover God as the source of every good thing as children from around the world recognize God’s everyday gifts—from yummy pancakes to daisies on the hill and rainbows in the sky. It’s time to cuddle up together and count our blessings.

The flaps make this book very fun and interesting to read. The illustrations are very colourful and attractive. Great read for my preschooler as he is just learning about how and where things come from. It is not easy to explain how God is the source of all blessings. Like pancakes do not fall from the sky! We were able to explain how God blesses us with a job and how we earn money when we work and that we take that money and head to the grocery store to buy some flour to make the pancakes. He is learning and I tell him how thankful we have to be for all that we have. He probably cannot really feel "thankfulness" in its entirety but he sure knows to say thank you when he gets something. 

Love this book in ways more than I imagined!

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Disclaimer: I received a sample for review purpose only. No monetary compensation was received. The above post reflects my personal opinion.


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