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Inspired by Meyer's adult book, The Power of Simple Prayer, EVERY WHICH WAY TO PRAY is set against the colorful backdrop of Everyday Zoo, home to a comical cast of animal characters who interact and explore life lessons together in their fun-filled community.  

With the help of a quirky pelican named Pouch, the zoo's sheepish librarian, Miss Bimble, and Sarge, a bear police officer, the Hippo children and readers discover that prayer is simply talking to God as a friend.  And, it should be the easiest thing we do each day.

I have been blessed with many of Joyce Meyer's books and was so excited to read this to my son. At first I thought maybe at 3.5 yrs old, he won't get the message that there is no one way to pray. I use no prayer books and encourage him to tell God what's on his heart. But he was very attracted to the pictures in the book and asked me to read it to him often.

We were out for a walk one day and he peeped from his stroller and asked, "Mommy, can I pray now?" . I said "Of course, baby, you can." I was definitely curious to hear what he would pray about as this was quite a strange question from him when we were on the road. This is how it went " Jesus, please dry the milk I spilt on the chair I ate my oatmeal". OK! "See mommy, I prayed here on the road, in my stroller". I had no idea about the milk spilling act..LOL. As soon as we got home, which was around 5 hrs later, he went to check the cushion where he has spilled his milk. "Look mommy, Jesus dried it! He DID it!"

Thanks Joyce, your book has made my son believe in prayer at such a young age!

If you want to teach your child about praying, get this book! If my son can understand the message and apply it in his life, older children will absorb more details from this book.

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The Beginner’s Bible Book of Prayers is a great way to teach preschool age children to pray while introducing them to Scripture. Each prayer is accompanied by a suggested Bible verse to read and a character from the Bible with whom they can relate. 

This is a very simple way to relate to scriptures and prayer. It is a nice board book and very colorful! Simple in words and illustrations, when read repeatedly children will understand how the stories relate to the scripture. We have been just reading the stories and relating it with the pictures. Enjoyable in many ways!

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